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"I think the telling point for this company was that they saw a decline from 54 percent to 17 percent attrition for new hires coming out of the Davenport area after the company-sponsored shuttle was implemented. So they have seen some real savings in costs."

Randy Zobrist, Executive Director/CEO
River Bend Transit, Davenport, Iowa
2008 Joblinks Conference

Businesses benefit directly when they become invested in transportation solutions. Business service representatives can help business customers understand their return on investment and the benefit to their profit line due to participation in transportation-to-work solutions. Take a look at some of the advantages they reap:

  • Minimize employee turnover caused by a lack of reliable transportation-and save thousands of dollars on subsequent recruitment and retraining costs
  • Reduce costly employee late arrivals and absenteeism due to transportation issues
  • Maximize employee recruitment catchment areas by optimizing regional transportation options to work
  • Secure a competitive edge in a tight labor market by offering employee transportation assistance
  • Enhance company image as an environmentally and worker friendly company by supporting transportation
  • Preserve valuable land for business needs rather than parking lots by encouraging employee ridesharing and public transit usage

Transportation to Work Toolkit

Joblinks' Transportation to Work: A Toolkit for the Business Community can help business development staff in workforce development agencies summarize the benefits for businesses. These two-page briefs on different topics explore the many advantages that accrue to employers from being part of employment transportation strategies.

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Also, hear directly from and about business owners who have joined the transportation conversation-to their advantage!

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  • A 2008 study, The Economic Benefits of Employment Transportation Services, reports on the tangible benefits of joint federal-local job access transportation programs experienced by low-income riders and the public at large.