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RAIL Magazine Cover, Issue 13 RAIL is a quarterly publication of the Community Transportation Association of America. In its pages we chronicle the resurgence and revitalization of passenger rail in all its forms across North America. We focus on how communities of all sizes build innovative, cost-efficient and successful rail operations to better mobilize people. The stories of these vital rail systems are told not only in the kind of equipment they operate or the stations that they build, but the equally important elements of community partnerships, intermodalism, land-use and development and investment strategies.

RAIL 37: Realizing Passenger Rail's Potential

This edition of RAIL Magazine is unlike any of the previous 36 issues we've published. Rather than a look at the nuances of individual passenger rail services and projects or the exact policy and legislative mechanisms that frame how rail systems are built and maintained, we're taking a broader look at some of the philosophic and cultural issues at play as a rail service is proposed, planned, designed, built and operated.

The High Ball: The News Feed of RAIL Magazine



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