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RAIL 28: Rail in the Mountain West

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One of the most emerging hotbeds of passenger rail activity in recent years has been the mountain west region, made up of states including Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

In this issue, we feature the rapidly-growing rail networks in Denver and Salt Lake City as well as plans for high-speed rail in the region, as well as Tucson's forthcoming streetcar service.

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In this Issue

Leading from the Front

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As many communities and regions navigate the challenging economic conditions facing the entire country over the past several years, the metropolitan region along Utah's Wasatch Front mountain range is all the more dedicated to consistently improving its transit network, with its TRAX light-rail and FrontRunner commuter rail systems leading the charge. In just more than a decade, the region has transformed its vision for connectivity through strong, community-driven investment, a dynamic and proactive approach to new routes and services, and an increasing reliance on a robust set of transit options to drive economic development.

Denver's Union Station to Play Central Role in Region's Innovative FasTracks Program

Denver's Union Station

Soon, Denver's Union Station may not only be the heart of a regional surface transportation network, it will illustrate the unique public-private partnership being deployed to finance its renovation. If all goes as planned, Denver's historic Union Station will find itself recast as the center of a regional transit overhaul in 2014 -- just as the current structure celebrates its 100th birthday.

The Tucson Modern Streetcar

Looking to connect important, but fragmented segments of its city, Tucson, Ariz. is turning to streetcars. It's a contemporary solution to a classic challenge: how to move people efficiently and reliably while also improving economic conditions along the way.

Rocky Mountain High...Speed Rail

Formed by regional metropolitan transportation and planning organizations in four growing Western states, the Western High-Speed Rail Alliance seeks to develop and promote a high-speed rail network connecting the cities of Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Reno. That network would eventually connect with other proposed high-speed rail lines as part of a national high-speed rail passenger and freight rail system, including California.


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