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The Community Transportation Association Awards are given every year in a number of categories.

Urban Community Transportation System of the Year

This award is given to a system which provides service in an urban area of more than 50,000 population, is based on innovative and creative services in the community, is responsive to its customers' and community needs, among other criteria.

Rural Community Transportation System of the Year

This award has the same criteria as the Urban award, but provides service in areas of less than 50,000 population.

Community Transportation Manager of the Year

This award honors a community transportation leader for displaying leadership while providing transportation service that is integral to the community and creating a vision for the system that has the support from both within and outside the organization.

State Leadership Award

This award recognizes an entire state organization for providing creative, effective and continuing training and technical assistance programs, using new concepts, strategies, procedures and policies to provide support to local transit systems, and more.

Community Transportation Roadeo

Roadeo Awards showcase the best drivers in body on chassis and van vehicles and are held at the start of every EXPO.

2018 Roadeo Winners

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