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A Day in the Life of Mobility

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Welcome to a Day in the Life of Mobility. We began this endeavor knowing that we'd never really be able to fully capture ALL the myriad activities of the nation's community and public transportation network. Yet with nearly 40 reporters providing us with detailed accounts of a single day's worth of connections, the resulting timeline provides us with nothing less than a day of great outcomes. Vital trips to health care appointments and work are made, meetings are attended, new equipment is delivered and yes, emails and phone calls are answered. It eerily leads one to question what would happen throughout the nation without community and public transportation. Our timeline is a detailed look at a single day, and the outstanding public service provided by just this small sliver of our industry is remarkable.


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Editor's Note

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Voices from the Community


We chat with Rom Romley of Chino Valley Transit and Becky Harris, Steve Lancaster and Lloyd Williams of Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency.

Day in the Life of Mobility Timeline

Dale Marsico and Fran Gromelski

With reports from nearly 40 community and public transportation agencies, officials, vendors and advocates, our Day in the Life of Mobility timeline is the heart of this edition of DigitalCT. Their reports, when assembled together, tell a powerful story of the commitment to mobility for all Americans.

rabbitEXPRESS: Connectivity in the Mid-Atlantic Region


Three regional express bus routes -- branded rabbitEXPRESS by rabbittransit in York, Pa., -- connect York with Pennsylvania's capital city in Harrisburg, one of the nation's most historically significant communities in Gettysburg, and the large metropolitan region in northern Maryland. In concert, rabbitEXPRESS marks a new way of envisioning how transit can unite communities and regions, offers an array of intermodal connections and attracts scores of new riders.

Take the A-Train

The A-Train, Texas

Reactivating a historic interurban and freight rail corridor between the Texas cities of Carrollton and the city of Denton, the A-Train shares many similarities with other regional rail projects that have recently been completed, or are near completion. As part interurban, part light rail, part commuter rail, the new service not only promises quick and easy connections to DART's Green Line, but also a more connected north Texas region.

Carpe Diem: Georgia Prepares to Seize Its Mobility Future

Map of Georgia

Eight months is a lifetime in the transit world. As two full seasons come and go in communities of all kinds, transit operators will provide thousands -- if not hundreds of thousands -- of trips, and people will go to work, medical appointments and reach scores of other essential destinations on buses, trains and vans, among other modes. But if those communities are in Georgia, the next eight months will more profoundly impact the area's mobility options than any other period of time in recent decades.

What Makes An Excursion?

A Train of the Saratoga & North Creek Railway

Despite its nascent status as a railroad, the Saratoga & North Creek Railway is offering an ambitious schedule -- one that comes closer to a regular, revenue operation than most other excursion railroads.

PASS Training is Now Available Online!


The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) is excited to announce PASS Basic, the online alternative to its passenger assistance training. Simply by going to http://training.ctaa.org you can access the virtual classroom experience through six audio/visual modules which will prepare your drivers to attend the hands-on aspect of PASS training and attain full PASS driver certification.

The Dialysis Report

Every day, thousands of Americans who need regular kidney dialysis board a community or public transit vehicle to access this life-sustaining care. The trips these patients take are time-consuming -- they often last more than four hours in duration -- and essential, as they absolutely must be made, regardless of the weather or any other circumstances. Dialysis trips also are changing the nature of public transit in many communities.

Transportation for America's Veterans and Their Families

NRC Logo

Addressing these mobility and transportation-related issues is not just an issue for the Department of Veteran's Affairs or traditional Veterans Services Organizations -- they are shared, societal responsibilities. More specifically, these mobility and transportation related issues are a key component in the ongoing work of the network of mobility providers we call community and public transit and the human services transportation network.


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