EXPO 2012 May 20-25 in Baltimore, Md

About EXPO

The Community Transportation EXPO is a meeting place for people who want to expand their horizons on issues of mobility, transportation and how to build strong communities. People that attend EXPO are operators of community transportation systems, drivers, supervisors, dispatchers, local planners, mobility managers, workforce development professionals, elected officials, federal, state and local government administrators and anyone interested in building a more mobile society.

The conference has several elements:

  • The National Community Transportation Roadeo
  • One, two or three day intensive training sessions
  • The Community Transportation Trade Fair
  • Professional Development Sessions on vital mobility issues, and
  • Dynamic general sessions

Why Should You Attend?

This year's conference brings us to Baltimore, Maryland - close the nation's capital in a vital election year. There will be plenty of participation from leaders form both the legislative and executive branch and updates on the status of important transit legislation. You will not want to miss this conference. In addition to the important discussions on the legislative front, there will be dozens of training sessions, workshops and networking events that will allow you to advance your understanding of transit issues, develop fresh solutions to challenging issues and help you outline new approaches to your work.