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Transit in Campus Communities

Transit in Campus Communities

Providing mobility options in communities with a significant college or university presence is both an opportunity and a challenge. The articles and profiles in this special edition of DigitalCT explore the many ways communities can address the needs of students, faculty, staff and employees at these vital institutions.

We explore both traditional transit operations -- involving bus and rail services -- along with emerging mobility alternatives, including carsharing, vanpooling, bicycling, ridesharing and innovative taxi programs.

Through a set of responsive and efficient options, campus communities can become dynamic incubators for transportation connections.


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Voices from the Community


We chat with David Kack of the Western Transportation Institute and Brittany Perrin of the Tiger Transit Movement at the University of Missouri.

Commentary: Priorities for Transit in Campus Communities

College Students at a campus bus stop

We outline some specific strategies and priorities for transit, on-and off-campus.

A Roundtable Discussion on Campus Transit

Bob Bourne, David Bruffy and Jeff Meilbeck

To understand how campus transit issues impact transportation providers in all kinds of communities, we've asked a trio of transportation professionals to provide their perspective on the opportunities and challenges of campus transit.

e2 Taxi: An Innovative Mobility Strategy for a College Town

e2 Taxi: An Innovative Mobility Strategy for a College Town

Beginning in mid-January, Bloomington has hosted the launch of a pioneering service concept -- e2 Taxi -- that deploys state-of-the-art rolling stock, technology and marketing to carve out a market share for taxis in a community many might think too small to support it.

Innovative Campus Transportation Practices 101

Personal Rapid Transit, West Virginia University

The proverbial campus bus is a long-standing tradition in many college towns. That said, a number of transit systems and colleges and universities have stepped outside this traditional public transit mode to add pioneering mobility to their campuses and surrounding communities. What follows are six capsules that highlight these innovative efforts, each focusing on a specific mode.

Transit and College Transportation Partnership Benefits Campus and Community

College Students at a Campus Bus Stop

Like other academic institutions, community colleges have significant and unique mobility challenges. In Northwest Arkansas, the local transit provider and the region's community college partnered to provide better service and provide access to jobs, education, health care and much more.

A Report Card on Campus Transportation Sustainability Efforts

Pie Chart of Campus Transportation Sustainability Efforts

This assessment of transportation sustainability efforts at American universities and colleges is excepted from The College Sustainability Report Card 2011, produced annually by the Sustainability Endowments Institute.

Grading the Campus Car-Sharing Market

Table Grading the Campus Car-Sharing Market

Northcoast Research Partners recently completed a quantitative survey and conversations with 35 college transportation directors and administrators regarding the adoption of car sharing on their college campuses. Based on Northcoast's research, the college campus market remains a small but emerging market for car-sharing operators.

A Day's Journey in Vanpooling: Convenience and Community for Commuters

Riders get in the van

Vanpooling -- most commonly associated with routine commutes in large metropolitan areas -- can also be an effective resource for campus communities. This report from the University of Milwaukee-Mason highlights the important and dynamic role vanpooling plays on a daily basis.

Managers' Corner

BusBuzz Text Connect

Turning the voice of the consumer on campuses across the country into service excellence is now as simple as having the right technology, asking the right questions, evaluating responses and taking action. This once tedious process has now gone high tech with the mobile automation tool -- BusBuzz Text Connect, produced by Solstice Transportation Group.

Transit Notes

Students getting on a shuttle bus

Transit Notes with news on campus transit from University of Iowa, University of Mississippi, LSU, University of New Mexico and much more.


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