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Returning Transit to the Community

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This edition of DigitalCT, Returning Transit to the Community: Perfecting the Passenger Experience, looks at the many ways in which community and public transit agencies can improve the customer experience -- and thus build the vital connection between the community and its transit operation. From improved station and stop planning to the latest technology applications, from expanded perspectives on transit customers to the basics of customer service, this edition of DigitalCT is sure to inspire and challenge readers.


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Editor's Note

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In keeping with the innovative and exciting spirit of our digital publication, play the video in the attached file to view Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren's video editor's note.

Voices from the Community


We discuss customer service for transit with Mike Noel and DigitalCT's editorial staff discuss the themes and concepts behind this edition on returning transit to the community.

Shaping Communities for Mobility

CMAP Chicago

This article will explore three different, but equally interconnected aspects of the passenger experience: transit stations and stops, what's located near them, and how riders access them. For each element, we'll offer a set of concepts and strategies to improve the places and infrastructure that deliver passengers to transportation systems that are achievable and scalable to meet the mobility needs of every community, where enhanced utility, convenience and ease-of-use come together to make interconnected mobility options irresistible to entire populations.

Welcome to Google Transit

Google Transit Screen Shot

In this article, re-printed with permission from Xconomy, a technology writer explains Google's transformative influence on the way community and public transportation share vital schedule data with their passengers and their communities. You may think you've read all there is to read on Google Transit -- but this excellent article is bound to surprise you!

The 8-Second Rule: Successfully Guiding Passengers to Their Destinations

Bus Stop with Shelter and Signage

Effective community and public transit agencies deploy information and signage in specific, studied methods in order to ease passengers' use of the system. The ability for new and return transit customers to have the precise information they need to reach their destinations is key to the passenger experience.

Explaining the Ins and Outs of Passenger Information Technology

Illustration of passenger working with technology

The most effective uses of passenger information technology in community and public transit involve multiple technologies working in concert -- each designed with the passenger experience in mind. In this user-friendly article and accompanying informational video, Mentor Engineering highlights its MyRide system.

Smartcards Ease the Fare-Payment Process for Passengers

Passenger scanning smart card

Although seamless smartcard electronic payment systems can benefit transit passengers and operators -- as well as other potential users -- transit operators face substantial challenges in integrating smartcard-based AFC equipment from different manufacturers because of the lack of interoperability.

Employers as Customers of Transit

Passengers getting on a bus

Much of this edition of DigitalCT has focused on the most direct customers of transit: the passengers. However, of equal importance are the businesses, organizations and services that become the primary destinations of transit riders. Here's a look at a handful of communities where transit systems and employers worked together to meet the mobility needs of the business community, the source customer for transit commuters.

Transit Notes

Transit van going over rough terrain

Transit Notes with news Fairbanks, Alaska, New Jersey, University of Southern Maine, Muskegon County, Mich., Boulder, Colo., and more.


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