EXPO 2012 May 20-25 in Baltimore, Md

National Transit Database Rural Training

Wednesday, May 23
3:15-4:45 p.m.
Room: Baltimore Convention Center, Room 330

The most recent surface transportation law, SAFETEA-LU, added a requirement for recipients of Section 5311 rural public transit investment report to the National Transit Database (NTD). A representative from FTA will provide an overview of the NTD reporting process, followed by a line-by-line discussion of reporting requirements. This session will also cover common data trouble spots and issues to aid in the submission of the Rural NTD reports. This session will benefit anyone involved with NTD reporting, including representatives from State Departments of Transportation, individual rural transit subrecipients and tribal transit grant recipients.

Moderator: Charles Carr, Mississippi Department of Transportation, Jackson, Miss.
Presenter: Lauren Tuzikow, Federal Transit Administration, Washington, D.C.
Presenter: John Giorgis, Federal Transit Administration, Washington, D.C.

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