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Federal legislation is a major influence on public and community transportation in our country. Our Federal Legislative Monitor is a snapshot view of selected pieces of legislation that are of greatest possible significance or interest to the community transportation network, especially with regard to the coordination between public transportation and its partner programs.

Our source for almost all this information is the Library of Congress' "Thomas" Web site, through which you can access legislative information directly at Although we strive to keep this information accurate, timely and unbiased, this is not a comprehensive list of all legislation before Congress, and it is possible we may have overlooked important items or developments. Your questions or comments are always welcome.

To view the latest Federal Legislative Monitor, download this PDF (85 KB)

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) maintains a database of selected state-level legislation and executive actions concerning the coordination of public and human service transportation.

To view the NCSL database of state legislation, click here or go to

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