Raising the Standard of Excellence The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) is committed to providing the highest quality training, certification and education services to our members and to the community and public transportation industry. Since 1988, CTAA has pioneered training and certification programs that have enabled community transportation systems to grow and develop.

Today we're featuring:

  • The widest selection of certification programs available in the transit field, including our industry-standard PASS (Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity) training, which more than 5,000 drivers take every year.
  • A new suite of safety and security certifications and accreditations - Certified Safety and Security Officer (CSSO) and the system-wide Safety and Security Accreditation Program. Get ready for the federal safety regulations.
  • Our all-new Keys to NEMT Success program allows trainees an interactive training environment while never leaving their desks. Never before have we offered such targeted, hands-on training at such a low price.

Let us be your partner in developing customized training solutions in any area of critical need. We will help you reach your goals when it comes to staff or organizational development. Our training courses, certifications and accreditation programs provide a foundation for transit leaders and innovators to better serve their communities and passengers. And remember: CTAA members always get a discounted price!

Interested in learning more about CTAA's training, certification and accreditation classes? Simply click on the icons below for a complete course list that includes pricing and CTAA member discounts. The calendar link above will take you to a complete list of CTAA certification and training sessions currently scheduled.

Questions? Contact CTAA's Training Staff

  • Caryn Souza, Training and Certification Program Director, 202.294.6527, souza@ctaa.org
  • Len Cahill, Training Coordinator - 202.415.9653 or cahill@ctaa.org
  • Stephanee Smith, Training Coordinator - 202.415.0220 or smith@ctaa.org