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Transit Across New Mexico's Land of Enchantment

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A tour of community and public transportation providers across the state of New Mexico offers up some of the nation's most innovative and dedicated transit systems and leaders. This special edition of DigitalCT tells the stories of some of these individuals and agencies. Meeting the challenge of serving customers and communities across a state with such varied geography and low population is an epic tale of the very best in public service.


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Editor's Note

Editor Scott Bogren

Continuing our series of state themed editions (thus far, CT Magazine has covered West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, Iowa, Vermont and Missouri), this edition looks at community and public transportation across New Mexico. Learn what emerged as common threads and what was unique about each system. As with all our state editions, this publication features many tales that have for too long gone untold.

Voices from the Community


In this edition of DigitalCT, The CTPodcast page features three important conversations: (1) Mike Davis, Transit Manager, Atomic City Transit in Los Alamos, N.M.; (2) Coast Transit Authority Executive Director Kevin Coggin; and (3) Larry Harman, who is currently working directly with FTA's VTCLI grantees. To subscribe to the CTPodcast, go to http://ctpodcast.blogspot.com/ or search "The CTPodcast" in iTunes. Click on the microphone beside each entry to listen!

The New Mexico DOT Rises to the Challenge of Multi-Modal Transit

David Harris, NM DOT

Seven years ago, David Harris arrived at the New Mexico Department of Transportation in Santa Fe as the new Transit Manager in the Transit and Rail Division. He arrived in New Mexico's state capital fresh out of a stint with the New York City DOT in Manhattan. Here, he sits down with DigitalCT staff to discuss the unique transit qualities of the many urban and rural operators with whom he works.

Millions Served: ABQ Ride Leads Changing Trends in Albuquerque

ABQ Ride bus

Across New Mexico, there are more than 60 agencies and organizations offering community and public transportation in the Land of Enchantment, providing more than 16 million annual trips. Of all those diverse and important journeys made, more than 65 percent of them occurred on the buses and vans of the state's largest transit provider, the city of Albuquerque's ABQ Ride.

The Taos Chile Line: Transit in One of North America's Oldest Communities

BOC vehicle of Taos Chile Line

The Town of Taos operates the Chile Line, a 15-bus transit service that operates fixed-route service with 40 bus stops along a 10-mile stretch of State Highway 68 -- known locally as Paseo, as well as demand-response paratransit and a connector service down to Santa Fe and the Rail Runner -- which offers further connections all the way into Albuquerque.

Commuter Rail's Next Frontier

Rail Runner Express commuter rail in station

Within the central New Mexico region of mountain peaks, dessert valleys and emerging cities, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express is proving it can play a vital role in the Mountain West.

Santa Fe Trails: A Commitment to Clean Air and Connectivity

Santa Fe Trails vehicle

Last April, the American Lung Association ranked Santa Fe, New Mexico as having the cleanest air in the nation. The city's clean air designation is an honor to which the local public transit agency, Santa Fe Trails, has significantly contributed, right from the start.

Clovis Area Transit System: The Quintessential Community Transportation Provider

Providing more than 67,000 annual trips via curb-to-curb, demand-response service, the Clovis Area Transit System (CATS) is defined by the thorough and personal attention the system provides to its riders.

The Newcomer: Lincoln County Transit Grows Into Its Role

Lincoln County Transit vehicle

Here at DigitalCT magazine, we like to say that if you've seen one rural transit operator, well, you've seen one rural transit operator. The meaning is clear: no two rural operations are alike, each having its own unique mix of funding streams, customer bases, service modes and local leaders. A visit to Lincoln County Transit in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico most certainly reinforces this adage.

RoadRUNNER Transit: A Strategic Vision for Serving Las Cruces

Serving the Las Cruces area is RoadRUNNER Transit, providing fixed-route and demand-response transit to more than 750,000 annual riders. The system -- now more than a quarter-century in the making -- has responded to the region's fast-paced population growth, reorganized its service patterns to improve functionality for riders and embraced an ambitious set of priorities to cultivate even greater mobility options in Southern New Mexico.

Transit Notes

Updates, news items and the latest stories on community and public transportation around the nation.


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