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Due to uncertain investment at all levels of government, in addition to new trends in demographics, health care, fuel costs and many other factors, community and public transportation providers must utilize new and innovative approaches to remain competitive. In this edition of DigitalCT, we focus on the solutions transit professionals have developed and implemented -- ranging from biofuels to smaller vehicles -- as well as strategies to incorporate new ways of meeting the mobility needs of every community.


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Editor's Note

Editor Scott Bogren

DigitalCT Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren discusses our profiles of innovative transit solutions across the nation, along with tools and resources the Association has developed to assist transit providers in fostering innovation in their communities.

Voices from the Community


In this edition of DigitalCT, The CTPodcast page features three important conversations: 1) Jud Smith, co-president and CEO of the Dallas Smith Corp., who explains his company's low-floor vehicle technology; 2) Michael Vieira, President of the New Jersey Council on Special Transportation talks with DigitalCT about community transportation's response to Hurricane Sandy; and 3) Bluefield Area Transit General Manager Patrick McKinney talks about how his system prepared for the storm, and dealt with its aftermath.

DigitalCT Highlights Innovations & Solutions

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Over the coming year, DigitalCT will spotlight innovations and solutions emerging in the community and public transportation industry, as transit leaders, experts and advocates respond to new challenges with strategies and resources tailor-made for the needs of their community. In each issue of DigitalCT, we'll alert you to these profiles in innovation by the icon you'll see throughout the issue. As the transit leaders that emerge in these pages personify innovations and solutions in action, so too will our Symbol of Solutions.

Right-Sizing Transit Improves Service, Lowers Costs in Polk County, Florida

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Before getting to solutions, sometimes we need to ask: Are we answering the right question? In Polk County, Florida, that question became: Are we using the right tools to best provide affordable community transit? The answered that emerged -- My Ride -- restructures transit in parts of the county to ensure efficiency.

New Biodiesel Fueling Station Allows Lake Erie Transit to Lower Operating Costs and Build Local Partnerships

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In an edition focused on solutions, Lake Erie Transit's new biodiesel fueling partnership with its local road commission will help it lower operating costs, provide more environmentally friendly service and cultivate local partnerships.

New Technology Connects Transit & Community in Monterey Through Jazz

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The best solutions are the ones adapted to local need; and scalable to meet tomorrow's demands. At Monterey-Salinas Transit, the organization has a history of developing responsive mobility services crafted to meet unique local demand. The new JAZZ bus rapid transit is further proof that the best solutions are always built with a local flavor.

Managing Change: Design Thinking for Community Transportation

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Design thinking is a systematic approach to problem solving. Typically incorporating customer-centric tactics, design thinking has found a foot-hold in the private sector for the ways in which it engenders fresh thinking and unique ideas.

Ahead of the Curve: CTAA's Safety Training Programs

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The mission of this Certified Safety and Security Officer Program is to assist in improving the professional preparedness of public and community transportation officers, and to maximize their ability to provide safe and secure transit service.

The Solutions List: Making Community and Public Transit More Friendly to Older Americans

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We asked CTAA's Senior Transportation Programs Coordinator Jane Hardin to put together a list for DigitalCT readers of the best ways in which community and public transit can both serve and attract older American ridership. Her list offers practical measures that can be taken today, and some ideas for the future.

Policy Resources for Transportation Investment and Complete Communities

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In advance of the recent federal, state and local elections -- which we will assess and respond to in the next edition of DigitalCT Magazine -- several national advocacy organizations published comprehensive policy overviews on strategies and examples for building sustainable communities through improved mobility. We'll take a brief look at two of these: Are We There Yet? -- Creating Complete Communities for 21st Century America by Reconnecting America and Thinking Outside the Farebox: Creative Approaches to Financing Transit Projects by Transportation for America.

Transit Notes

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Updates, news items and the latest stories on community and public transportation around the nation.


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