CCTM: Certified Community Transit Manager

CCTM LogoCCTM status marks the greatest performance and highest efficiency in the community transportation industry; it is proof of the ability to manage a comprehensive and dynamic community transportation system.

The program is built around a rigorous professional exam, for which CTAA offers a two-day study class.


What recognition will I receive for becoming certified?

Besides the personal satisfaction of achieving certification, each individual will receive a certificate acknowledging the successful completion of the certification requirements. When certified individuals present programs or instruct workshops at CTAA-sponsored events, their certification status will be recognized. CTAA will verify your certification with prospective employers when you request it.

In addition, the certified manager's name, certification status, and pertinent data will be included in a "Register of Certified Community Transit Managers" publication, which will be available upon request to individuals responsible for recruiting professional talent in the community transportation field.

Preparing for the CCTM Exam

CTAA offers a course to prepare for the CCTM exam. It's a two-day course that touches on each of the exam topics and is taught on-site. We don't offer the course at a CTAA training location but rather arrange for our trainer to come to wherever the interest is. Up to 30 people can attend a class, so get in touch with your state's RTAP coordinator and your state transit association to express your interest. To view the CCTM study guide please go to: http://www.surtc.org/cctm/ a hard copy will be provided to workshop attendees.


The fee schedule for the Community Transit Manager Certification Program is as follows:

CTAA Members


Application fee (non-refundable)



Examination fee



Total Fee



The examination fee allows each applicant to take the full examination once and, if necessary, to re-take (once) the sections not passed on the first attempt. If the applicant does not pass the exam after the re-take, he or she must re-apply and re-submit the appropriate fees. The application fee is non-refundable; the examination fee will be refunded if the National Certification Council determines that the applicant does not qualify to take the exam.

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