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RAIL 32: Celebrating Passenger Rail Throughout Canada

Scenic depiction of rail service in Canada with train rolling past kids playing hockey outside.

Our 32nd edition of RAIL profiles passenger rail across Canada, our first edition of exclusively Canadian content since our 5th edition. With features spanning Montreal to Vancouver, we examine Alberta's light-rail systems, the nation's commuter rail providers, the ongoing political battle to improve rail transit in Toronto, and the idea pairing of rail stations and hockey arenas.


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In this Issue

From the Editors

RAIL Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor RIch Sampson

RAIL Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor Rich Sampson provide a video overview of RAIL #32's features and departments.

The Rail Yard

Concept art of a rail station in the future

Jim Watson -- the Mayor of Ottawa -- and James Leiper, a resident of the Waterloo region, provide their perspectives on the opportunities presented by light-rail projects in their communities.

All Aboard

Artistic rendition of Park Hill Village West, Denver, Colo.

Our collection of news briefs on the latest developments in passenger rail from across North America.

Canada's Light Rail Legacy

The skyline of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Given that Calgary and Edmonton were among the first North American communities to introduce light-rail networks, it's not surprising there are many similarities

Connecting Canadian Commuters

Concept art for commuter rail station

In many ways, commuter rail services in Canada are very similar to their American counterparts: they operate over standard railroad infrastructure usually owned by private freight railroads -- although occasionally controlled by public entities; generally utilize bi-level coaches hauled by diesel locomotives -- again, with a few exceptions; and find their way to historic, intermodal termini in the major city of their respective regions. But much like the subtle, but important distinctions that exist between Canadian and American cultures, commuter rail services in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are defined by policy and operational uniqueness in their own right.

Toronto's Rail Transit Future is Once Again - At Least For the Moment - On-Track

Toronto street car

In recent years, the biggest passenger rail story emanating from Toronto -- one that has garnered both national and international attention -- has been highly contentious local and provincial politics that have roiled the city's rail future, with modes cast against one another and expensive starts and stops to major infrastructure projects. Given Toronto's central place in Canadian passenger rail, what follows is a timeline with key events in these recent contretemps, followed by an outlook of the city's rail future.

Blue Lines & Red Lines: The Intersection of Rail and Hockey

Hocky and Rail symbols combined

More than five years ago, we published an article - Take the Train to the Ballgame - that chronicled the strong connection between America's national pastime and the trains that linked baseball fans to their stadiums and communities. A very similar, if not stronger connection exists between passenger rail and ice hockey Canada's national game in that nearly all National Hockey League (N.H.L.) teams benefit from linkages to rail transit networks, and several train stations actually rest beneath the sheets of ice and roars of fans.

A Discussion with RAIL Cover Artist Terrence Fogarty

RAIL Cover Artist Terrence Fogarty

RAIL Magazine Editor Rich Sampson recently spoke with artist Terrence Fogarty, who painted "Northern Flyer," which serves as the cover image for this edition of RAIL. Fogarty is a resident of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and combines painstaking research with personal memories to form nostalgic looks at scenes involving sports, Minnesota culture and farming, among other themes. His work has been commissioned by a number of professional and college sports teams and players, and is displayed at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Excursions: An American Rail Advocate's Perspective on Intercity Rail in Canada

Canadian Parkcar

Malcolm Kenton the Outreach & Engagement Director for the National Association of Railroad Passengers shares his personal observations based on his travels on VIA Rail across Canada.

Review - Trainsforming America: Advocating for High-Speed Rail by Remembering the Rider

Rebecca Sansom

Rebecca Sansom Director of Trainsforming America describes her documentary film making the case for high-speed rail from a passenger perspective.


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