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Profiling innovative and practical examples of regionalism, connectivity and co-location, this edition of DigitalCT magazine underscores themes the Association has reinforced for more than five years, stressing the importance of linkages between mobility networks and recognizing the value of the customer experience.


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From the Editors

Rich Sampson and Scott Bogren, the editors

Via video, DigitalCT Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor Rich Sampson briefly outline the features and departments in this edition focused on connectivity.

Voices from the Community

CTAA Board of Directors President and Prairie Hills Transit Barb Clin

CTAA Board of Directors President and Prairie Hills Transit Barb Cline and Athens, Ga., Transit Manager Butch McDuffie discuss connectivity in their communities.

Athens, Ga., Transit Manager Butch McDuffie

Editor's Note

The 100 Bus arriving at Shady Gove, Md.

Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren shares an important perspective on connectivity: donít lose sight of the most basic human connectivity that all forms of community and public transportation regularly create.

The Commentary

Cover from A New Surface Transportation Vision for America

Five years ago we wrote: "It is not enough to build successful, stand-alone public transportation operations in urban and rural areas. We must reliably and cost effectively connect these two service modes regionally if public transportation is to respond to the real mobility needs of the American public. Linking mobility is the future path for consumers, regardless of the origin of the trip." This edition of DigitalCT picks up that vital connectivity thread and builds upon it.

Transit in the Triangle Region: An Acute Sense of Connectivity

Artist's rendition of North Carolina's TOD

The cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill define North Carolina's largest region of connected communities but do not yet feature a unifying mobility network to further enhance the region's prosperity. This is the goal of Our Transit Future, the comprehensive connectivity initiative led by Triangle Transit, the region's metropolitan transit provider.

A Connected Community Responds to a New Transit Provider


In the far southwestern corner of Wisconsin, the Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit (SMRT) system has emerged in recent months to serve employment, health care and even education needs with a common-sense approach borne out of the mobility management ethos.

Beyond Campus: Virginia Tech's Award-Winning Alternative Transportation Programs

Bus stop on VA Tech campus

This past March, Virginia Tech received a gold award in the annual Race to Excellence contest sponsored by the Best Workplaces for Commuters program. The award - which recognized 23 total workplaces nationwide - highlighted the university's multifaceted Bike, Bus and Walk initiative, which has raised the profile of alternative transportation options.

Go Public: Two Recent FTA School Transportation Rulings Reveal Transit's Solution

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When transit systems - whether urban or rural - maintain their role of serving the general public and treat potential school passengers as members of that public, they will find themselves sufficiently insulated from complaints and eventual rulings.

Connectivity Encapsulated: Linking People and Destinations Beyond Wheels and Rails

Portland's aerial tram

When many people think of transit connectivity, they're immediately drawn to systems involving wheels: buses, trains, vans, bikes, and more. But numerous communities employ less traditional - but no less effective - means of moving people to build connections between neighborhoods, destinations and services.

The DigitalCT Discussion: Members of the Tualatin, Ore., Job Access & Mobility Institute (JAMI) Team Discuss Connectivity

The team from Tualatin, Ore.

The team from Tualatin, Ore., - comprised of representatives of regional transit providers, the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, employment and workforce development professionals, transportation planners, business leaders and civic activists - offer updates on their efforts since the Institute and discuss connectivity in the region.

Transit Notes

Sunbus at a stop

Updates, news items and the latest stories on community and public transportation around the nation.


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