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The New Rail Reality: On the Right Track

Rail 33 cover: artist's rendition of Transbay terminal

RAIL Magazine's 33rd edition focuses on such vital topics as the cost of rail projects, high-speed passenger rail, rail at the ballot box and rail's profitability. This thought-provoking edition of RAIL also features coverage of positive train control, railway rehab, two linked rail-themed podcasts and more.


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In this Issue

From the Editors

RAIL Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor RIch Sampson

RAIL Magazine Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren gives readers a tour of edition #33, providing context for the publication's features and departments. Give this short video a view before diving into the articles.

The Rail Yard

U.S. Government Accountability Office's positive train control recommendations chart

A closer look at the U.S. Government Accountability Office's positive train control recommendations and The RRIF program is authorized to provide direct loans and loan guarantees up to $35 billion to finance develop of railroad infrastructure.

All Aboard

NJ passenger rail train

A capsule look at the latest passenger rail developments, breaking news and service expansions.

Passenger Rail's Economic Duality: Why Rail Projects are Expensive or You Get What You Pay For

Artist's rendition of a station platform

The dilemma of massively rising project costs is becoming a recurring concern for passenger rail advocates, community and elected leaders. RAIL takes a look at this important issue from a historic and contemporary perspective.

The U.S. is Not Alone: Britain's High-Speed Rail Challenges Mirror Those Here

Artist's rendition of a high speed train

An update from across the pond on high-speed rail in the UK.

Vox Populi: What the 2012 California Rail Initiatives Really Tell Us

Map of projects effected by the proposed Measure J

Two important California passenger rail measures barely missed the necessary supermajority for passage in November 2012. What's to be learned?

Can Passenger Rail Operations Become Profitable and Lure Private Interest?

Artist's rendition of passenger rail Florida

The promising initial returns of new passenger rail services in Virginia and Massachusetts suggest a broadening window for rail options that attract enough riders to cover expenses. What's next?


Tinley Park, Ill.

Ten years ago, the village of Tinley Park, Ill., set out to build new stations that would display its respect for rail and a passenger with a disability takes an in-depth look at the newly dedicated MARC Halethorpe Station.

The RAIL Podcast: Discussions with Napa Valley Wine Train CEO and Fast Trains Author

Cover of Fast Trains book

Two new podcast discussions conducted by RAIL Editor Rich Sampson.

Historic Ties

Lynchburg, Va.'s Kemper Street Station circa 1915.

Lynchburg, Va.'s Kemper Street Station circa 1915. Today it is the terminus of one of the few profitable intercity passenger rail routes in North America.


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