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Webinar Playback: Garnering the Support of a Diverse Range of Stakeholders in Human Services Coordination

This interactive webinar focused on building the capacity of inclusive coordinated transportation planning by assuring that the perspectives of those individuals who are culturally and linguistically diverse are reflected in inclusive practices. Panelists offered the experiences of transit and human services as they seek to engage an increasingly diverse group of participants in planning activities.

Attendees learned:

  • Heightened learning regarding opportunities and strategies to assure that the perspectives of people with disabilities and older adults who are culturally and linguistically diverse are reflected in coordination practices;
  • Enhanced understanding regarding the organizational strategies that create welcoming and inclusive environments regarding cultural and .linguistic diversity for planners and customers; and;
  • Increased knowledge regarding how to measure the success of diversity initiatives and the impact on inclusive planning.


Source Materials

Webinar Playback: What Barrier? Minimizing Challenges and Obstacles to Coordinated Transportation Planning to Improve the Participation of People with Disabilities and Older Adults

Whether a coordination effort spans communities, geography, or organizations, there are policy and practice decisions that can be used to minimize any disruption that this diversity may cause. Speakers will identify potential obstacles and challenges and offer solutions for overcoming and preventing challenges. From their varying professional roles, speakers will address how to ensure the continued active engagement of people with disabilities and older adults in coordinated transportation planning.


  • Doug Halley, Public Health Director, Town of Acton, Mass. Mr. Halley has been with Acton for 36 years and for the past 27 years has served as the Public Health Director. In addition, he has also served the town as Conservation Administrator, Fair Housing Coordinator, and Archaeology Coordinator.
  • Kathy Miller, Manager, LIFT Eligibility and Community Relations, has been with TriMet for over 21 years and has worked with TriMet's Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT) for over 17 years.


Webinar Playback: Collaboration Across Untraditional Partners: Strategies and Suggestions

Engaging unique partners and organizations in coordinated transportation planning can seem daunting. Learn from the experiences of guests representing a governmental agency and independent living center regarding how to identify and engage non-traditional partners in coordinated transportation planning and in ways that capture the voice and perspectives of diverse audiences.


Webinar Playback: What's Research Got to do with It? Applying Evidence-based Practices to Improve the Participation of People with Disabilities and Older Adults in Coordinated Planning

With this Webinar we learned how evidence-based practices can be incorporated into strategies to engage people with disabilities and older adults in coordinated transportation planning; We heard stories from SURTC Researchers and ACL Catalysts about how evidence-based practices are used in their work; obtained resources to identify evidence-based practices; learned how people can tap into the UTC program; and other federal and non-federal resources related to research.


Webinar Playback: Social Media and Inclusive Transportation Planning

This Webinar featured CTAA's Communications Director Scott Bogren on effective, practical applications for Social Media in inclusive transit planning.

"What it Really Means to be Inclusive" explored what it really means to be inclusive by taking a look at some of the history and background of the inclusion movement. At this session we heard from some participants and practitioners about their experience in inclusive planning projects, and how to make sure that your project is truly inclusive.