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  • Women Who Changed Transit and Changed America
    In many definable ways, these women have changed transit and changed America.
    By Scott Bogren

  • Linda Yaeger (PDF) (125 KB)
    As the Executive Director of OATS, Inc of Columbia, Mo., Linda heads one of the nation's largest transit system, covering over 80 counties.

  • Connie Garber, CCTM (PDF) (154 KB)
    While improving mobility options over 1,000 square mile area in rural Maine, Connie was also one of the founding forces of the Community Transportation Association.

  • Shirley DeLibero (PDF) (118 KB)
    From Boston to Houston, and several stops in between, Shirley has focused on improving services for people everywhere she's worked.

  • Ann Gilbert
    By focusing leadership at the state level in Arkansas, Ann's Arkansas Transit Association has delivered investment and service for its members for more than 25 years.

  • Reba Malone (PDF) (129 KB)
    As a former Chair of the American Public Transportation Association, Reba has built important connections between vehicle suppliers and transportation providers.

  • Making the Connection to Work
    Offering nearly 50,000 trips each year through the Northern Berkshires region of Massachusetts, the Transportation Association of the North Berkshires takes people to work, education, training, and everywhere else.
    By Scott Bogren

  • Plain Talk about Alternative Fuel and Transit
    Community Transportation providers can learn more about the issues and opportunities presented by alternative fuel technologies.

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