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Mobility Manager Job Descriptions

Mobility management is a relatively new strategic approach to managing transportation resources. It emphasizes

  • moving people instead of moving vehicles,
  • the discrete travel needs of individual consumers,
  • customer needs,
  • the entire trip, not just that portion of the trip on one mode or another,
  • making visible improvements to the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the travel services being delivered,
  • designing and promoting transit oriented developments, livable cities, and energy efficient sustainable communities, and
  • improving the information available about those services.

Mobility management is a process of managing a coordinated community-wide transportation service network comprised of the operations and infrastructures of multiple trip providers in partnership with each other.

  • A focus on individual needs, not on moving the masses.
  • Offering a full range of travel options to the single-occupant auto.
  • A focus on innovation, changing usual business practices.
  • Cultivating partnerships and multi-agency activities.
  • Offering a single point of access for customers to multiple travel modes.
  • Applying advanced technologies.
  • Coordinating community-wide planning with transportation influencing land use and zoning decisions.
  • Ensuring transit-friendly designs in long-range plans.
  • Receiving business community and voter support as well as local governmental support.

Mobility management is different from prior resource management strategies because of the above factors and because it:

  • Replaces a strategy of management of owned assets with strategic partnerships and alliances among multiple providers.
  • Emphasizes multi-modal choices rather than single-mode solutions.
  • Requires focusing on a coordinated community-wide transportation service network of existing and potential trip providers.
  • Emphasizes the need to provide services that are easily understood as beneficial and wanted by the general public: "a sellable product."
  • Emphasizes changing traditional business practices.

As this new approach to transportation management grows, the need for qualified mobility managers grows as well. The following resources are examples of actual mobility manager job descriptions: