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Annual Membership Awards: Excellence in Motion

We are seeking nominations for our 2014 annual membership awards. As a member you can nominate yourself or any other person or organization that is a member for the important work you or one of your colleagues are doing. The award categories are Rural Community Transportation System of the Year, Urban Community Transportation System of the Year, Community Transportation Manager of the Year and State Leadership Award. All awards are due by April 18, 2014.

CTAA Awards Breakfast: Toast the best with toast!

Each day in communities across this country organizations and individuals in the Community Transportation field accomplish amazing feats. Working in difficult circumstances, with limitations on funding and many competing demands they provide people with access to work, education, services and all of the other necessities of daily life.

Every year, one of the highlights of the Community Transportation EXPO is the awards ceremony where we recognize the remarkable work done by community transportation by honoring transportation systems and managers for their commitment to their community, novel approaches, innovative concepts and creative solutions. We're sure that you know of such individuals and systems -- so please take a little bit of your time and nominate them! The national awards breakfast is a wonderful CTAA tradition. Toast the very best in the community and public transportation field with... well, toast!
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