National Volunteer Transportation Center


Volunteer Transportation Programs

  • Volunteer Transportation is defined as a program of service that includes volunteer drivers and/or volunteer escorts in providing transportation. Such programs and services may also include paid drivers as well as "volunteer" vehicles owned by volunteer drivers as well as vehicles that are owned or leased by the organization providing volunteer transportation.
  • Volunteer Driver Programs are located throughout the United States. While some people believe they are a "new phenomenon" one program that we know about volunteer driver services using sleighs and wagons started in the early 1900s. Historically, volunteer transportation programs appeared to emphasize service to older adults who needed special assistance and support. In recent years, population groups other than older adults have emerged in the passenger pool or volunteer driver programs Such groups include children, people with disabilities, veterans, work force participants, and cancer patients. Road to Recovery (which provides transportation for cancer patients) is perhaps one of the better known volunteer transportation programs. Recently, many existing programs have begun to link with veterans groups to provide transportation to get veterans to VA hospitals and other services.
  • Volunteer Vehicle Programs often emphasize vehicles that are shared among two or more organizations. Sometimes shared rides are provided by volunteer drivers. Ride Share Nation, a program of CTAA provides information about Ride Sharing.
  • Mobility Management is the effort to encourage coordination and cooperation among transportation services. In some instances, volunteer driver program hire mobility managers to support their efforts to coordinate their services with other transportation providers. In other instances, mobility managers are hired to encourage coordination among transportation services, including volunteer driver programs.
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