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The transportation conditions of many of our nation's metropolitan areas are often paradoxical. While there are large public transportation operations that work hard to move thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people each day, some city residents find their transportation options more of a mirage than an oasis. As a result, isolation from transportation services in urban areas can be just as prevalent as in rural communities. Add to this the complex challenges of working within metropolitan political systems, the task of addressing urban transportation needs is often a daunting one.

The Community Transportation Association's urban transportation assistance program is here to help metropolitan officials, community leaders and transportation providers work together to address their mobility needs.


Urban Transit Resouce Toolkit

Community and public transit in urban areas necessitates innovation. Whether moving passengers to work, the doctor, school, community services or any other aspect of metropolitan life, transit services are responsive and efficient sources of vibrancy in any metropolitan community. New trends in green technology, land use and economic development, investment mechanisms and many other issues and ideas will drive the continued growth and evolution of transit in urban areas.

This collection of resources helps transit professionals, advocates and community leaders explore these issues and learn from the latest concepts and practices in urban transportation. Included among these resources are in-depth profiles of both passenger rail and bus transit systems across the nation, briefs and studies on interesting and complex issues that drive urban transit innovation, and a series of priority statements from the Community Transportation Association of America to introduce and improve policy and legislation to support more and better transit options in metropolitan regions.


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