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Below are links to various articles in RAIL and Community Transportation concerning urban transportation.


  • Columbus Navigates (PDF)(317 KB)
    Columbus, Ohio officials investigating how and why streetcars might again drive the development of their city invited RAIL to observe and participate in their work. In this exclusive, behind-the-scenes account, we track the ideas, plans, studies and decisions that constitute the building of a rail system – from the ground up.

  • Getting it Right (PDF)(373 KB)
    Twenty years ago forward thinking local officials knew that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex's tremendous growth would carry challenges and opportunities.

  • Two of a Kind: Miami's Metrorail & Metromover (PDF)(654 KB)
    Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) is about to expand Metrorail, its rail rapid transit service, from one line to two and the new route will parallel the busy State Road 836, known locally as the Dolphin Expressway. Additional corridors are being studied.

  • Discovering Gold in Southern California (PDF)(633 KB)
    The latest edition to Southern California's rail service is Pasadena's Gold Line, stretching from Union Station to the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, serving multiple communities in between.

  • Nashville's Newest Star (PDF)(558 KB)
    On Sept. 18, 2006, the Music City Star pulled out of the new commuter rail station in Lebanon, Tenn., bound for Nashville with nearly 1,000 passengers aboard. Some 50 minutes, 32 miles and four station stops later, it pulled into Nashville's Riverfront Station. A new mobility network and future for Middle Tennessee arrived that day, too.

  • Chicago Metra (PDF)(490 KB)
    Ranking second only to New York City's Long Island and Metro North railroads, Metra trains move more than 300,000 riders on weekdays. The system boasts 11 lines serving 238 stations over 565 miles of track in six counties in Illinois and one in Wisconsin. 735 trains provide service every weekday, with 303 of those operating on Saturdays and 180 on Sundays and holidays. At the same time, more than 96 percent of its trains operate on schedule.

Community Transportation

  • Asking the Right Questions About Land Use (PDF)(451 KB)
    What if solid research showed that even as congestion is getting worse, most people in the Twin Cities are finding it easier to get where they need to go? That's one of the provocative prospects receiving a first-ever look in new research at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies.

  • The Best Deal in New York City: MTA's Access-A-Ride (PDF)(268 KB)
    The numbers are nothing short of astounding. Every day, more than 8 million people board the buses, subway cars and commuter trains of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Every day, 30 percent of all transit rides in the country are provided on the MTA system. In three days, the MTA provides more service than Amtrak does in a year. In 10 weeks, the MTA transports more people than all domestic airlines offer in a year.

  • Reno's Regional Transportation Commission Does It All (PDF)(175 KB)
    The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County very much embodies that spirit through its work as the region's primary transit entity, by providing a significant and growing public transportation network.

  • Interview with Shirley DeLibero (PDF)(116 KB)
    Shirley DeLibero has had one of the most distinguished careers in all of community and public transit. When others said things couldn’t be done, she succeeded. Here, she discusses her successes and what she learned at each step along the way.

  • CENTRO: Collaboration in the Center of New York (PDF)(173 KB)
    Moving about the well-rooted office buildings, banks and industrial complexes of downtown Utica, N.Y., the buses of CENTRO of Oneida County are a constant source of energy in this small upstate city.

  • Fruitvale: A Community Discovers Discovers Its Sense of Place (PDF)(371 KB)
    While its original goal was to simply expand parking capacity, BART ultimately partnered with the City of Oakland and its Fruitvale community to transform a station into a destination.

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