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Rail 34: Streetcars

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As one American city after another takes a closer look at bringing streetcars back to their downtown streets - often where they once ran 60 years ago! - this revival bears explanation. From Portland to Kansas City, Atlanta to Cincinnati, San Antonio to Washington, D.C., the American streetcar renaissance continues unabated. To help tell the current story of the ongoing streetcar renaissance, we've assembled a collection of profiles of streetcar systems and projects in varying stages of implementation from planning and funding to construction and operation.


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From the Editors

Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor Rich Sampson

Watch and listen as Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor Rich Sampson offer an overview of the feature articles and department pieces in this edition of RAIL.

All Aboard

A SunRail train pulling into station.

A capsule look at the latest passenger rail developments, breaking news and service expansions.

The Rail Yard

Metro Transit's Southwest Light Rail project in the Twin Cities

A look at the opportunities emerging via the Southwest Light-Rail line in the Twin Cities and a commentary on state-level obstruction towards high-capacity transit projects in Indiana and Tennessee.


Streetcar Sketch

RAIL Editors Scott Bogren and Rich Sampson provide context to the ongoing renaissance of modern streetcar systems and how Bus Rapid Transit interacts with rail transit projects.


Word graphic: planning

Planning is underway for new streetcar systems in non-traditional transit communities such as Boise, Idaho and San Antonio, Texas.


Word Graphic: funding

As planning work continues, cities including Los Angeles and Oklahoma City have moved to secure investment to support their forthcoming streetcar systems.


Word Graphic: Constructing

Tracks are being installed, stations constructed and vehicles tested for streetcar networks in Kansas City, Mo., and Washington, D.C.


Word Graphic: Operating

In contrast to the wave of new streetcar systems emerging across the country, places like Newark, N.J., and San Francisco, Calif., have operated their respective streetcar and light-rail networks for more than a century.

Guess The Station & Historic Ties

Guess the station

Take your best guess on our mystery station and have a historic look at Kansas City's PCC cars.


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