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Charting Medical Transportation

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Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) plays a profound role in public and community transportation. This edition of DigitalCT explores the impacts of major health care provision changes and trends on transit systems of all sizes and in all types of communities. From the effect of managing chronic health care conditions to dialysis to CDL medical certification requirements, the articles that make up this publication offer readers a broader context for understanding transit's role in successful health care outcomes.


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From the Editor

Scott Bogren

DigitalCT Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren discusses this edition's combination of Medical Transportation commentary, research and profiles. A great place to begin your enjoyment of DigitalCT magazine.

A New Symbol for Outpatient & Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Our orange cross logo

Our orange cross logo is a recognition of the profound role non-emergency transportation plays in supporting current health care practices so heavily dependent on outpatient care for chronic conditions.

Voices from the Community

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Insightful, timely medical transportation discussion with Ride Connection's Julie Wilcke, MJS&Company's Marsha Simon and the Michigan Public Transportation Association's Clark Harder.

Commentary: Medical Transportation in an Era of Change

People getting on and off of a transit bus

Community and public transit professionals tend to think of medical transportation as an access issue. And it once was. Today, the services that are so demanding - like dialysis - are more than just access, they are an intrinsic part of what's now known as disease management.

Commentary: Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Saves Lives and Money

Graphic depicting various NEMT trips

Research has consistently shown that transportation is one of the most common barriers faced by low-income populations in accessing timely and necessary medical care.

CDL Medical Requirements and the Role of Predictive Modeling in Safety and Health Care

Bus Driver

If a driver is required to obtain a CDL, in almost all cases they must also receive a corresponding medical certification, officially known as a Medical Examiner's Certificate or informally as a DOT Medical Card.

Medicaid Expansion and Premium Assistance: The Importance of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) To Coordinated Care for Chronically Ill Patients

Chart showing destinations of brokered NEMT rides

New data shows that, last year, millions of chronically ill Americans relied on the Medicaid program for transportation to life sustaining medical care such as kidney dialysis and treatment for severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia.

Health & Transportation: Partners in Wellness & Affordable Healthcare

Cover of Partners in Wellness & Affordable Healthcare study

Recent statistics have underscored the growing needs for human services populations to get healthcare rides. The increasing occurrence of chronic conditions are driving increased levels of disability and cost.

Dialysis Transportation: Behind the Numbers

an infographic depicting dialysis

A series of infographics depicting the latest data on dialysis patients, costs and more.

Maryland Study of Paratransit Services for Dialysis

Map of Maryland showing paratransit service for dialysis

The Maryland Legislature's Joint Committee requested this study to estimate both 1) the demand for paratransit to dialysis centers, and 2) the funding that would be required if public transit agencies were to meet that demand.

The Mid-Atlantic Dialysis Summit

Photo of a workshop at the Mid-Atlantic Dialysis Summit

The Mid-Atlantic Dialysis Summit's goal was to get a better handle on the impact of the growing demand for dialysis transportation across the region and to explore ways to cost-effectively meet the demand and develop new partners.

Improving Transportation for Patients Receiving Dialysis Treatment

Cover of Ride Connection Report

This report emerges from Portland, Oregon's Ride Connection and a Strengthening Inclusive Coordinated Transportation Planning project.

Transit Notes

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Updates, news items and the latest stories on community and public transportation around the nation.


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