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Georgia Transit Tour

Postcard saying Greetings from Georgia

Come along for the ride as the DigitalCT team takes you on a tour of transit across Georgia, making stops at systems, providers and vendors along the way. From big cities to small towns, military communities to tourist areas, this edition promises to provide a thorough look at the many ways in which Georgians move about their great state on community and public transit.


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From the Editors

Rich Sampson and Scott Bogren

Rich Sampson and Scott Bogren talk about the Georgia Transit Tour.

Voices from the Community

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Robert Hiett, president of the Georgia Transit Association, and three new CTPodcasts are features in our Voices from the Community.

EXPO 2104 Recap

Scenes from EXPO 2014

Relive some of the sights and sounds of the Community Transportation EXPO 2014 in St. Paul, Minn.

About the Georgia Transit Tour

Tree lined country road in Georgia

Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River and is split into 154 counties (second only to Texas). The state also offers a unique and innovative combination of community and public transportation providers, operators and vendors. Be sure to read this synopsis of Georgia transit before you head into the Tour features.

Georgia Transit Tour: Day One

Atlanta streetcar maintenance facility

Day One of the Georgia Transit Tour sees the DigitalCT team in Atlanta, visiting with the Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta Streetcar and RouteMatch. The universal theme for Day One is customer service, as all three visits offer unique perspectives on delivering what the customer needs, through technology, planning and service.

Georgia Transit Tour: Day Two

Athens bus service rolling past Sanford Stadium

The Georgia Transit Tour's second day offers a small-urban area with large-urban transit ridership, a county going through some of the swiftest population growth in the U.S., and our first look at Georgia's regional commission-rural transit structure. Day Two features Athens Transit and the University of Georgia's Campus Transit operation, Henry County Transit and Three Rivers Regional Commission.

Georgia Transit Tour: Day Three

Chatham Area Transit Authority building

The DigitalCT Team spent all of Day Three of the Georgia Transit Tour in beautiful Savannah, visiting with the staff and touring the facilities of the Chatham Area Transit Authority (CAT). CAT is in the midst of a transition to a more customer-oriented, mobility management-type approach while maintaining service using an impressive number of modes.

Georgia Transit Tour: Day Four

Coastal Region Commission coaches

Day Four of the Georgia Transit Tour features visits with the Coastal Regional Commission in Darien and with Liberty Transit in Hinesville. Coastal's impressive, coordinated rural operation offers service from the South Carolina state line to the Florida state line. Liberty Transit serves both the city of Hinesville as well as the largest military installation - Fort Stewart - east of the Mississippi River.

Georgia Transit Tour: Day Five

MIDS, Inc. van

The final day of the Georgia Transit Tour has the DigitalCT team in Valdosta, meeting with MIDS, Inc., a private transit provider with contracts with two regional commissions across the southern part of the state. A family-owned and run operation, MIDS is a fine example of the importance of the contractor in Georgia's regional commission transit structure.

Georgia Transit Profiles

Macon train station

In addition to the Georgia Transit Tour stops, this edition of DigitalCT features brief profiles of community and public transit systems that we couldn't work into the tour, but wanted to be sure to cover. Don't miss these stories of innovation, station revivals and ridership growth in Rome, Macon, Columbus and Albany.


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