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Thrilling Wonder Stories: Revisited

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When we first launched RAIL Magazine, we did so with the premise that this publication was dedicated not so much to trains themselves, but more to what those trains were creating in the communities they serve. This edition of RAIL - Thrilling Wonder Stories: Revisited - afforded us the chance to go back and take a new look at specific passenger rail projects we've highlighted over the years.


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In this Issue

From the Editors

Rich Sampson and Scott Bogren

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The Commentary & The Rail Yard

Minneapolis' Target Field station

The vitality of American cities is directly connected to land values, land-use planning and to local economic conditions - like employment opportunities. These two reports tackle this subjects directly and spotlight how RAIL Magazine's original premise is now being amplified from outside the transit industry. It's a wonderful development!

The Transbay Transit Center: Change This Big Never Comes Easy

Illustration of a completed Transbay Terminal

When RAIL Magazine first took a look at the Transbay Transit Center back in 2008, project leadership and advocates from across San Francisco pointed to a 2014 completion date. And though construction is underway, it is hardly surprising that a project whose grandiose scope includes bringing together nine current local and regional transit operators with California's high-speed rail intercity service between San Francisco and Los Angeles - to say nothing of the five-acre park on its roof or the adjacent 82-story office tower - has experienced a few setbacks and delays.

Re-Imagining the Frontier: The Denver Region's Continued Rail Ambition

Denver region's FasTracks

In our 28th Edition of RAIL Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren explored the development of the Denver region's FasTracks multi-year, multi-million dollar public-private partnership effort to deliver a 103-mile commuter rail network to the area over the next decade, along with adding another 22.6 miles of light rail to the Regional Transit District's existing system and a new 18-mile Bus Rapid Transit line. Since our last look at Denver's ambitious FasTracks campaign, the first returns of the sweeping effort are now evident.

Amidst Some Growing Pains, Orlando's SunRail Emerges as Central Florida's First Modern Rail System

Train arrives at the DeBarry SunRail station

Just over two years ago, in the summer of 2012, RAIL Magazine #30 reported on the then-under construction SunRail system serving Orlando and Central Florida. At that time, tracks were being laid and rolling stock acquired for Central Florida's first modern rail system. On April 30, 2014 (right on schedule, incidentally), SunRail was launched with initial service running between DeBarry to the north of Orlando and the Sand Lake Road Station to the city's south.

The Canadian Railway Trajectory

Ion Rapid Transit Train

Since the earliest days of this publication, the publisher and editors of RAIL have held a special fondness for passenger rail projects and services supported by our neighbors to the north in Canada. In honor of that legacy, we present an update of every region currently operating or planning a passenger rail network.


Street car stop in Portland, Ore.

In our previous 35 editions of RAIL Magazine, we've certainly covered a great many passenger rail systems and innovations across North America. But always, Portland stood apart, for both its commitment to rail as well as the sheer variety of rail modes in regular operation. Light rail, streetcars, commuter rail, even a gondola!


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