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This edition of DigitalCT focuses on the changing American commute to work - with an emphasis on vanpooling and CTAA's new Vanpool Works product. You'll learn about emerging research and trends, technological breakthroughs and innovative, alternative commuting approaches.


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From the Editor

Scott Bogren

DigitalCT Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren fills you in on everything in this edition, providing both context and details.


Old fashioned microphone

We feature three particularly relevant episodes of the CTPodcast in the Fall-Winter 2014 edition of DigitalCT: Jarrett Walker on the changing nature of the American commute; Ashley Robbins on the 2014 elections; and Kodiak, Alaska Mayor Pat Branson on the value of transit.

From the Community

Ballot Box

The November 2014 elections continued transit's recent run of success at the ballot box. Get all the details on the wins and losses here.

The Vanpool Works

Vanpooling logo

Introducing CTAA's newest product launch: The Vanpool Works - a way to create a self-supporting employment transportation business as part of the mobility services you already offer. If you're looking to do things differently, The Vanpool Works is a great place to start.

Taking a Closer Look at Commuting

Idealized town in cartoon drawing

New reports and research confirm the growing - and transforming - role of community and public transportation in getting Americans to work.

Taking a Targeted Approach with Sector-Based Strategies

Homecare symbol

Sector-based strategies that focus on specific industries like those represented in this article are gaining traction as a way to connect low-income workers with jobs and serve as an important roadmap for community and public transportation.

CalVans: As Easy Ride to the Hard Work on a Farm

Montage of workers in vanpool

Vanpooling is not an urban-only solution. CalVans farmworker vanpooling service is one such example of vanpools in rural America - a ready solution.

Meeting Complex Job Access Solutions with Community Partnerships & Buy-In

people getting on a van

In 2012-13, CTAA's Job Access Mobility Institute (JAMI) brought together seven communities to build local partnerships and think innovatively about solving job access challenges. Here's what emerged in two of those communities.

The CT Interview: Bridj Marketing Manager Ryan Kelly

Bridj logo

DigitalCT recently spent some time with Ryan Kelly, Marketing Manager for Bridj - an innovative new private mobility company in Metropolitan Boston.

Smartphones & Apps: Empowering the Commuter

smartphone screen shot

Technology is playing a transformative role in the way today's commuters approach their commutes. Here, we cover the emergence of smartphones and apps and how they empower modern commuters.

Telecommuting: The Road Less Traveled - Or Not Traveled at All

illustration depicting telework

Telework is an arrangement between an employer and employee that allows one to work from remote areas - or even home - thus avoiding the need to commute.


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