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EXPO 2015 logo; Tampa, Fla., May 31-June 5

Special Conferences at EXPO

Implementing Technology in Community Transportation: A Special CTAA Mini-Conference

Hide the abacus, and put away the slide rule. It's the 21st century, and technology is shaping the way we provide transportation more than ever. You've seen the rapid evolution of transportation technology underway, and are sure to be wondering where it will take us next. Curious? Attend this two-day event, and join us in exploring some of the current issues in transportation technology, including the use of modern data systems in demand-response transit, issues and strategies in data interoperability, and the changing landscape of hardware, as we move toward smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. You'll also explore the trends that are coming our way, such as autonomous vehicles, cashless fare systems, spontaneous transportation networks, and more. Unless you're a true Luddite - or even if you are - you will not want to miss this unique pre-EXPO event.

A Fresh Look at Innovation Volunteer Programs in Community and Public Transportation

Volunteers can be an enormous resource to your organization and a valuable addition to the mixture of transportation modes in your community. Explore the role volunteer transportation plays in developing a comprehensive transportation system. This one-day conference will cover:

  • The history and scope of the current volunteer driver program movement
  • Volunteer driver programs and how they differ from & support community transportation services
  • Risk management and technology methods used by volunteer driver programs
  • Methods community transit can use for integrating and/or supporting volunteer driver programs
  • Information and materials available for planning and/or coordinating with volunteer driver programs