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This unconventional, but urgent issue of DigitalCT is a data-driven look at the current state of community and public transportation followed by fresh ideas of innovators and leaders from throughout the community and public transportation industry and finished with solutions from CTAA and how its products and services can help you.


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From the Editors

Scott Bogren and Rich Sampson

DigitalCT Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren fills you in on everything in this edition, providing both context and details.


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Dag Gogue and Farhan Daredia of Transit Labs join the CT Podcast to talk big data, analytics and the most recent edition of DigitalCT Magazine - which included 25 pages of data infographics. According to Gogue, community and public transit need to embrace data's positive influence on measuring outcomes, understanding trends and improving efficiency. "Data is a tool that can help make transit's case here in Washington, or at state legislatures," he notes, during the discussion.

Data-Driven Analysis


Whether or not we like it or even choose to accept it, change - dramatic change - is coming to the community and public transportation industry. Demographics are shifting and transportation demand is both spiking and arriving from new, often more complicated, places. The status quo - whether in the form of investment streams, modes or operations - is no longer a safe place. These 25 pages tell this story through data, charts and infographics.

Fresh Ideas and Inspiration


The second section of this edition of DigitalCT Magazine provides brief, easily replicable features of community and public transportation leaders - both systems and individuals - who've transformed the changes outlined in our data and infograph section into action. Each of these profiles offers ideas and inspiration, as well as a roadmap you might be able use when confronted by the same type of challenge.

How We Can Help You


The final section of our Pathways to Transit Success edition organizes and presents the myriad ways the Community Transportation Association of America can help you manage the environment we highlight in section one and to become one of the success stories we profile in the second section.


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