The Small Urban Network (SUN) at CTAA

America's small cities - and the transportation providers that serve them - have always been a unique and dynamic part our nation's public transportation network. CTAA's Small Urban Network (SUN) is designed to specifically serve (PDF)(382 KB) this growing cadre of transit professionals and operations. The SUN is a group of CTAA members operating community and public transportation agencies in small urban areas - those with populations between 50,000 and 200,000.

What We Do

Policy and Regulatory Advocacy
From bus capital investment to the STIC program, SUN members have crafted an advocacy platform specifically tailored to issues, policies and regulations most relevant to small-urban transit operators. Read more about our advocacy.

Training and Certification
SUN members have discounted access to the entirety of CTAA's training menu - from system safety and security accreditation and safety officer training to dispatching courses and ADA technical assistance.

Conferences and Events
Tired of the same one-size-fits-all sessions at conference events, with only cursory coverage of small urban transit trends and challenges? The SUN has arranged for sessions at the CTAA EXPO just for you, with more to come, with topics ranging from efficient service design to embracing innovative technology.

About SUN
SUN is a group of CTAA members operating public transit agencies in small urban areas. Our charge is to review the impacts of federal legislation on small-urban transit systems, develop a legislative agenda and advocate for appropriations, policies and regulations that help small-urban transit systems thrive.

Mobility Innovations
As small-urban areas are America's incubators of innovation, so too are their transit options. The SUN - through CTAA's RideShareNation and VanpoolWorks initiatives - can offer you access to mobility innovations.

Reasonable Membership Rates
Supported by CTAA's national network of members and resources, SUN membership delivers exceptional value at reasonable rates.