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  • You Can Harness the Synergy of Transit and Bikeshare Programs
    "Bike Share as Transit"
    Wednesday, June 3, 9:00-10:30 a.m.
    Most transit systems across the country operate independently from local bikeshare systems and bicycle infrastructure. However, coordinating the two systems can support the growth of both modes and provide a more integrated trip for users. This workshop will demonstrate how transit systems can work with local stakeholders and decision makers to coordinate their transit services with the local infrastructure and bikeshare systems, and in some cases, start-up and operate their own bikeshare system to complement and/or supplement existing services.
    Track: Ridesharing
    Moderator: Caryn Souza, CTAA, Washington, D.C.
    Speaker: Eric Trull, Coast Bike Share, Tampa, Fla.
    Room: Tampa Convention Center, Room 23

  • Aren't You Really a Mobility Agency? Why The Vanpool Works for Transit
    Thursday, June 4, 8:30-10:30 a.m.
    Presentation: Aren't You Really a Mobility Agency? Why The Vanpool Works for Transit
    Transit services are the backbone of transportation options in most communities, but they do not reach-or appeal to-all audiences. It's good to know that transit agencies can offer other options to communities. One affordable, flexible, and basically self-sustaining option is the vanpool. Vanpools can appeal to a different population segment, offering an affordable, direct origin-to-destination express service that is affordable. A vanpool program is easily scalable, so it can start small and grow as the transit agency becomes more adept at offering this service. For urban and small transit-intensive cities, vanpool miles traveled are added to your NTD-reported transit miles, and thus can have a positive impact on your funding. This workshop will guide interested transit agencies in how to begin and sustain a vanpool program.
    Moderators: Caryn Souza and Bob Carlson, CTAA, Washington, D.C.
    Speakers: Kevin Coggin, Coast Transit Authority, Gulfport, Miss.; Lyn Hellegaard, Missoula Ravalli TMA, Missoula, Mont.
    Room: Tampa Convention Center, Room 25