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Oregon Transit Trail

As the 16th installment of Community Transportation's state transit tour series, the DigitalCT team visited eight community and public transportation providers in the western third of Oregon, covering more than 800 miles in the process. Along the way, a series of meaningful connections emerged as the bond that unites the state's mobility services and professionals in communities of all sizes.


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Oregon Transit Tour

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From the Editors

Scott Bogren

DigitalCT Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren shares his video introduction to the Oregon Transit Trail. Meanwhile, details are emerging for a potential path to reauthorizing the nation's surface transportation legislation.

The Commentary

customer focus, trying something new and remaining resolute

As the DigitalCT team journeyed across Oregon, some common themes emerged - shared characteristics that each of the systems we visited exhibited. We recount them here as they represent the best traits in community and public transportation, qualities to which all our readers should strive: customer focus, trying something new and remaining resolute.

Oregon's VMT Alternative & ConnectOregon

OReGo logo

We offer brief insights on Oregon's trendsetting Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) pilot program to test the usability and effectiveness of a VMT revenue mechanism, as well as the state's ConnectOregon program to invest in multi-modal transportation projects.

Connecting Northwest Oregon - A Heroic Effort

Oregon Tour Map

In Northwest Oregon,a coming-together of individual actors has produced an interconnected regional transit network uniting the state's coastal communities with its largest population centers in the Willamette Valley. During the second day of our Oregon Transit Tour, we spent some time with two of the mobility providers at the heart of the North by Northwest Connector system: Tillamook County Transportation District's The Wave operation and Lincoln County Transit.

Ride Connection - Portland's Hidden Transportation Gem

Ride Connection minibus

Ride Connection offers a more diverse array of people-centered transportation services than downtown Portland has transit modes. From volunteer driving to travel training, fare relief to mobility management, non-emergency medical transportation to neighborhood shuttles, Ride Connectionís services touch thousands of Oregonians each day - always with an emphasis on customer service.

Basin Transit - Excellence Served with a Heavy Dose of Common Sense

Basin Transit picking up passengers

Long-term success and sustainability are clearly viewed through a prism of community involvement and viable local relationships at Basin Transit. That pragmatism is obvious from the moment one enters the Basin Transit headquarters and is well represented in the no-nonsense way in which the agency serves the city and surrounding suburban region.

Rogue Valley Transportation District - Making the Impossible...Possible

An RVTD bus pulling up to a stop

In many ways, RVTD has emerged during the past two decades as a model for the multi-faceted, multi-modal, full service transportation network that many communities seek. This is not a traditional transit system mired in traditional service patterns. It's a true transportation system that incorporates fixed route bus operations, paratransit service, non-emergency medical transportation, a phenomenal number of bicyclists and more.

Oregon's Second-Largest City Sets the Standard for Small Urban Transit

LTD's EmX in Eugene takes advantage of bus-only travel lanes and traffic signal preemption.

Operating in a region with among the highest per capita rates of transit use, LTD of Eugene is a fundamental element in the way people around here understand their community, which is to say possessing something a bit remarkable for a place of its size. The agency seeks ways to not only serve more people but to serve them better.

A Partnership of Performance - Corvallis and Benton County

Brochures for Corvallis and Benton County transit

The synergies between the transportation programs offered by Benton County and the city of Corvallis is evidenced by their respective managers' offices located just steps apart from each other. During the brief time the DigitalCT staff spent with the respective systems, the benefits of such a vast array of options - ranging from CTS' fareless network in Corvallis to the tripartite regional routes coordinated by Benton County - are not found in their numbers but in efficacy.

Cherriots of Flexibility - Salem-Keizer Transit's Multitude of Options

Salem-Keizer Transit bus at a stop

The work of making possible core societal benefits is not only limited to Cherriots' network of 26 fixed-route bus lines in Salem and Keizer, although the operation comprises the bulk of the agency's 3.6 million annual ridership. A look at Salem-Keizer Transit's portfolio of additional services includes seven other innovative elements that help connect a region beyond the cities of Salem and Keizer.

Oregon Transit Q&As

Bus Shelter

The transit managers in the city of Sandy (Julie Stephens) and Josephine County (Scott Chancey) share details on their systems in question-and-answer format.


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