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15 Innovators for 2015

Innovation and innovative thinking have never been more essential for transit leaders and advocates. But what exactly do we mean by innovation and how does it manifest itself in our field? This edition seeks to answer exactly that question. In these pages we offer 15 examples - presented in questions and answers, recorded quick conversations and brief profiles - that highlight innovative thinking and action.

15 Innovators for 2015


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Editor's Note

Rich Sampson

Editor Rich Sampson reflects on the prevalence of innovation among mobility leaders and advocates.

Voices from the Community

Rich and Dave

All Aboard Wisconsin's Dave Mumma and Enterprise Rideshare's Dion Beuckman share their organizations' perspective on innovation and recent trends in their respective segments of our industry.

Why Innovation?

Why Innovation?

Innovation is a direct, and important, response - and challenge - to the status quo. That is precisely why it's so critical. The status quo in all of its forms is a direct threat to the future of community and public transportation.

Our 15 Innovators of 2015

Representing mobility providers and advocates across the nation, these 15 leaders and strategists demonstrate why innovation is as flexible and responsive as the organizations that think and act creatively and with urgency.


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