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Intensive Training

The Community Transportation Association's Conference Intensive sessions lead off the annual EXPO and bring together community and public transportation's most respected experts and Presenters with vital, timely topics. These one-, two- and three-day sessions will inspire you with new perspectives and help you learn valuable new skills.

Note: Our Conference Intensives meet the training requirement for those seeking CCTM, CTPA and CSSO certification or re-certification. All certification courses have a testing component.

Three-Day Classes

May 23-25

Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection (VMMI)
Presenter: Halsey King, SAE
The Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection certification training program promotes the community transportation industry's commitment to safe, reliable transportation through building the professional skills of maintenance personnel and managers. This certification workshop is geared toward enhancing the skills of maintenance technicians and maintenance managers.

Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) - Train the Trainer Workshop
Presenter: Russ Parish
Attendees will receive training and a professional certification in the critical elements of safety, sensitivity and passenger assistance. This newly updated PASS "6.0" certification workshop is designed as a three-day Train-the-Trainer to certify trainers who can then train drivers in the passenger assistance techniques and sensitivity skills appropriate for serving persons with disabilities. Special Note: This workshop is discounted for National Community Transit Roadeo Drivers.

Two-Day Classes

May 23-24

Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS)
Presenter: Michael Noel
To meet the unique challenge facing these important personnel, CTAA has developed the "all new" Certified Community Transit Supervisor "5.3" program. This two-day certification workshop has been updated to include a wide variety of skills necessary to successfully manage front-line employees and a web-based prerequisite course. The workshop will provide comprehensive training in leadership, working effectively within a team, advanced communication skills, the supervisor's role in safety, and the supervisor's role in customer driven service.

Professional Dispatching and Scheduling (PDS)
Presenter: Peter Albrecht
In this certification workshop learn to develop and demonstrate expertise in maximizing the efficient delivery of demand-responsive transportation, conveying riders' requests into affordable and appropriate trips, and making effective use of your transit system's resources. This workshop is designed for the scheduler or dispatcher and relevant for any demand-responsive or fixed-route environment

Certified Safety and Security Officer (CSSO)
Presenter: Joe Seitz
Assure your transit system's commitment to safety and security through participation in our Certified Safety and Security Officer Program. Following the Federal Transit Administration Model Bus Safety Program guidelines, this certification program will help you identify your system's strengths, and provide you with tools for improving the safety of your passengers, your staff, your equipment and your future. Note: Participants in this class will be asked to take a professional certification exam, given on Wednesday May 25. Safety officers, operations managers and senior or supervisory staff will gain the most for themselves and their organizations by seeking this professional certification.

Preparing for the CCTM and CTPA Examination
Presenter: Kelly Shawn
Prepare for our industry's professional management examination, and gain a fresh overview of all the key ingredients of effective transit management. State transit personnel are encouraged to take this class as part of their Certified Transit Program Administrator (CTPA) study program. Note: Participants in this class will be asked to take a professional certification exam, given on Wednesday May 25. This course is designed for senior-level community transit managers with some experience who are looking to broaden their knowledge base and build on their professional skills.

Human Resource Management: How to Wake Up Your Organization and Form a More Perfect Work Environment
Presenters: Caryn Souza and Duncan Dickson
Employees are the most-valued asset an organization has, so it's of utmost importance that leaders commit to an environment that treats employees professionally and fairly. Building a winning team is established on the foundation of the organization's mission and tied in with positive expectations, open communication and a climate of good will based on the overall goals of the organization. Learn how to expand the skills that will help you achieve the greatest effectiveness from your workforce. In this interactive session, you will learn how to effectively hire the right people, evaluate job skills that directly relate to your job requirements, establish performance standards, and coach and counsel to motivate employees for peak performance. Promote your organization's values through your people and succeed at being a compassionate, professional employer. If you manage people, this session is for you.

Financial Management for Transit Agencies
Presenters: A.T. Stoddard
In today's financial management you cannot afford to be without top-notch financial management skills. You must know your true costs of providing service and be able to track those costs and manage your cash flow. Learn how to use financial information, operations data, and proven financial strategies to plan, develop, and implement your transit system objectives. Learn what data to collect and monitor to ensure success and to evaluate potential changes in service - whether it is new service, service enhancements, or reductions in service. This two-day session will provide tools that any transit manager or supervisor can use with existing data and financial reports.

Procurement for Small and Medium Transit Systems
Presenter: Paul J. Larousse
This course provides an overview of transit procurement, emphasizing "best practices" for contract procurements by small and medium transit systems who are recipients of FTA funding. The course provides participants with a framework for examining basic issues pertaining to third-party contracting and introduces minimum standards for individual agency practices as described in the FTA Circular 4220.1F and other relevant federal guidance documents. Specific problem areas that may emerge during the procurement process will be identified and addressed. Circular 4220.1F is referenced throughout the course.

One-Day Classes

Monday, May 23

Transit Marketing for Community and Public Transportation
Presenter: Selena Barlow
This class will challenge your pre-conceived notions of transit planning, community vision, economic development and organizational mission, while providing the marketing ideas and techniques that can bring your transit organization into its desired future. Transit managers and marketing staff, board members and mobility advocates will all benefit from this outstanding class.

Finding, Interviewing, Hiring, Training and Retaining the Best Employees
Presenter: Peter Schauer
This workshop emphasizes the critical and fundamental role of the job interview in setting the stage for long-term successful employment. You will learn How to align your organization's goals with employee expectations for long-term employee retention. The interview is where the initial alignment of your organization's goals and that of a new hire begins. Most people think the only reason to interview a person is to find a qualified applicant. This presentation explains three reasons to conduct an interview and how to integrate those three elements into a successful interview and a long-term relationship. The presentation focuses on recruiting applicants, screening applicants developing an interview plan, question preparation, scoring the interview, training the new hire and techniques to insure long-term successful employment.

One-Day Classes

Tuesday, May 24

The Portland Transit Tour: Innovation in Action
Organizer: Rich Sampson
For the first time, EXPO will feature a day-long, extensive tour of the range of transit options in our host city - a unique opportunity afforded by the broad portfolio of Portland's mobility network. Participants will travel on in-service MAX light-rail, Portland Streetcar and Tri-Met bus routes, explore numerous transit-oriented development districts, visit key attractions like Union Station and the Aerial Tram and meet with local officials. Both policy and operational details of transit in Portland will be covered in-depth.
NOTE: This session is limited to 30 participants. All tour travel and stops will be fully accessible, but participants should be prepared for a full, busy day of activities.

Network Design for Small Cities and Rural Areas: How to Understand and Explain Your Community's Options
Presenters: Jarrett Walker and Michelle Poyourow
This one-day course will help participants understand the basic geometric facts of transit, and the choices that they present to your community. Using simple network planning games, participants build certainty about how transit works, how to recognize a high-ridership transit market, and how to think about inevitable trade-offs that arise. Once we understand these things, the next step is learning to explain them with confidence to elected officials and other stakeholders who have limited or narrow experience with transit. We talk about ways to frame this conversation so as to build respect for the facts of transit, and to foster clearer conversations that lead to more confident decisions.

Developing Policies and Procedures for Transit
Presenter: Dave Cyra
Whether new to the transit industry or a seasoned veteran, you will see and learn many new approaches to the management and supervision of transit operations. This workshop features an electronic library of forms plus policies and procedures guidelines gleaned from model transit organizations across the country. This session is ideal for all types of transit system personnel - from managers to supervisors to board members.