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Unlocking the Secrets of Sharing Mobility

Ridesharing - in all of its forms - is the future of community and public transportation. That nexus, in which traditional forms of transit service and evolving forms of ridesharing arrange themselves into customer-driven, efficient, effective regional mobility networks, is the heart of the next great American transportation epoch.

Unlockingthe Secrets of Sharing Mobility


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From the Editor

Rich Sampson

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A Letter to Congressional Conferees

The Capitol Building

We urge all Conferees to secure the maximum investment levels for all forms of surface transportation infrastructure, with special attention to the needs of community and public transportation.

Ridesharing: The Future of Transportation

RideShareNation logo

One clear component in this emerging era will be the concept of ridesharing - which is already inspiring change in community and public transportation, mobility management and non-emergency medical transportation. But what, exactly, constitutes ridesharing, how is it different than today's community and public transportation and where is it likely to take us?

Integrating Vanpools Into Community Mobility

Vanpooling Works logo

Vanpooling in community transportation bears most of the same hallmarks as the mobility sharing movement we discuss throughout the rest of this issue of DigitalCT: affordability, sustainability, flexibility and responsiveness.

Micro-Transit: A Bigger Impact Than Its Name Suggests

Micro-Transit map

Amidst the hype and prognostications on the role and impact of micro-transit, let's first take a look at how this trend has emerged and the ways micro-transit can - and cannot - serve varying segments of our communities.

Vanpooling Comes to Tulsa

opening day in Tulsa

Establishing a new vanpool program can be intimidating. The process by which Tulsa, Oklahoma's Job Access Mobility vanpool program began earlier this year can serve as a frame of reference for other communities.

Bikesharing: A Solution for All Communities

Bikeshare station

Even the most extensive bikesharing programs require minimal infrastructure and can be scalable and flexible to meet the needs and markets in each community. Small-urban and rural communities established bikesharing models that can be examples for places elsewhere.


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