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Each year the Community Transportation Association sponsors a series of symposia that provide a chance to come together with your colleagues from across the country to explore topics of intense interest in the community transportation field. These one or two day symposia each feature presentations from industry leaders, panels of practitioners and the opportunity to network with people from around the country.

This year CTAA is sponsoring these three symposia:

Improving Healthcare Outcomes: The Mobility Management Connection

May 23-24

The success in managing the growth in chronic healthcare access needs and navigating the requirements of the Affordable Care Act will hinge on the presence of a mobility management system. A bold statement, true, but not an unfounded one. Twenty percent of people miss appointments due to lack of optimal transportation. And, the reality that the Medicaid transportation benefit serves only a portion of people needing affordable and reliable access to health appointments tells us that we need sustainable transportation options that transcend this CMS-funded program. Delaying preventive, less invasive and lower cost health care is a delay that can be overcome.

For two days this symposium will be the place to spotlight mobility management innovations for enhanced communication with and between patients, drivers, dispatchers, and clinic staff; and customer-responsiveness in service design and vehicle usage to meet unique mobility needs. We will also delve into topics such as e-hailing/ride-hailing and other on-demand services to come-of-age with the complexity of timing and geography of travel needs. Plus, we will explore the opportunities for both state and national action to improve the effectiveness and measurement of mobility management's value.

Bring a community team member for only $40. Our conversations at this event will be enriched by the diversity of perspectives in the room. Invite a partners to join you. If you are a transportation provider or planner, invite a healthcare practitioner to join you. If you are an advocate or a healthcare provider, bring your local transportation provider.

Call our convention lead AHI at 800-788-7077. Say you are joining a community partner at the healthcare symposium and we will add you to our registration list. The $40 covers the banquet lunch on Tuesday, May 24.

Tribes Moving Forward- The 2016 National Tribal Transit Conference

May 23-24

For the fifth time, CTAA will be hosting the National Tribal Transit Conference, in conjunction with CTAA's EXPO. Native Americans face many unique mobility challenges in accessing jobs, health care, shopping, education and other essential services. There are programs and funding are available to help Tribes meet these challenges and build sustainable tribal transit services, but this Conference will help you learn how to effectively us these programs and funding.

The Transportation PIE: Planning, Inclusion and Engagement

May 23

A special symposium for transportation planners and their partners in urban, suburban and rural communities

Communities succeed when transportation planners, providers, local officials and community advocates work well with each other around their shared goals. Through a lively mixture of presentation, practice and peer-to-peer sharing, we'll sharpen the skills of transportation planners and their partners in design transportation networks that best respond to community priorities.

Whether you work in transit, roads and highways, pedestrian and bicycle mobility, or any combination of transportation modalities, you'll leave this symposium with fresh ideas and new skills you can apply right away in your own community. We'll have something for just about everyone, but this symposium will be especially valuable for transportation planners in small-urban areas. Whatever your role in transportation planning and programming, whether in large cities or small, you're sure to find this symposium of value. Professional planners should note that CTAA hopes to have this symposium's sessions deemed eligible for AICP certification maintenance.