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The Changing Face of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The latest edition of DigitalCT Magazine takes an in-depth look at recent trends in Non–Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), including research-driven assessments of NEMT in the context of state-level Medicaid expansion, analysis of the Medicaid demonstration of alternatives to scheduled, repetitive non-emergent ambulance trips and local profiles of NEMT innovation.

Changing face of NEMT


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From the Editors

Rich Sampson and Scott Bogren

Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren and Editor Rich Sampson introduce this issue of DigitalCT and listen to our CT Podcast discussion with Zach Wasserman of the ride-sharing app company, Via.

Download: From the Editors (PDF)(4.54 MB)



How do providers of any service respond to the rapid need for transportation and develop cost structures for those who want to buy service but not invest in infrastructure?

  • Efficient & Responsive NEMT Service: Critical, But Not Sufficient
  • NEMT: A Shifting Perspective
  • The Competitive Edge Evolves Into The Keys to NEMT Success

Download: Commentary (PDF)(4.55 MB)

State-Based Research & Models

NEMT research chart

We present twin sets of studies of ACA-driven Medicaid expansion in Oregon and Illinois and state brokerage models in Michigan and Kentucky.

  • A Contemporary Snapshot of the Affordable Care Act's Impact on NEMT
  • The Impact of Managed Care on NEMT in Illinois
  • The Michigan Transportation Connection: Building a Statewide, Transit-Based NEMT Brokerage
  • The CT Interview: Vickie Bourne Discusses Kentucky's HSTD Program

Download: State-Based Research & Models (PDF)(5.16 MB)

Challenging Issues in NEMT

Challenging Issues in NEMT

A look at a Medicaid demonstration project to address repetitive, scheduled non-emergent ambulance transports, as well as background on how NEMT impacts veterans.

  • Medicare NEMT Demonstration: The Rising Demand for Dialysis Transportation
  • What About NEMT for Veterans?

Download: Challenging Issues in NEMT (PDF)(2.54 MB)

Innovation at the Local Level

NEMT vehicles

Unique ideas of how communities are responding to trends in medical transportation with creative strategies.

  • Illinois' Patient Navigator Program Redirects NEMT Patients to Transit
  • Lyft Helping Seniors Get to the Doctor Without an App
  • Prairie Hills Transit Partners with Regional Hospital System to Provide Discharge Transportation Assistance

Download: Innovation at the Local Level (PDF)(2.30 MB)


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