The Small Urban Network (SUN)

At last year's inaugural conference, we were reminded by two recently retired small-urban transit leaders about the joys of running a small city operation. They spoke about the manageable scale of small urban systems, the ability to quickly institute change, to know their staff and drivers and most critically, how they had never wanted to run a larger property.

These ideals continue to form the foundation of CTAA's Small Urban Network (SUN), a group of more than 100 leaders from around the country working in concert to develop policy, regulations, training, education, funding opportunities and research. Since its formation three years ago, the SUN has made a profound impact.

In the FAST Act, we successfully fought for greater bus capital investment funding while also increasing the Small Transit Intensive Cities (STIC) program. Legislation and new policy opportunities aside, the SUN's greatest impact, is the emergence of an annual conference.

We are delighted to be hosting a second conference Aug. 10-12, where transit professionals and advocates from around the nation will discuss such vital topics as innovative funding, serving university communities, emerging new partnerships and even bus rapid transit opportunities. It promises to be 48 hours of mega ideas and ideal networking.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Denver.

Scott Bogren
CTAA Executive Director

Conference Presentations


The SUN conference is sponsored by RouteMatch. A long term member of CTAA, RouteMatch is a leading provider of ITS technologies for more than 600 transit systems across North America. We help small urban transit systems build greater rider engagement and loyalty, manage on time performance and operational efficiencies, and connect communities.