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CTAA's recently-launched Capital Solutions program has been focused on responding to the changing reality behind transit vehicle selection and acquisition. To understand why new and innovative solutions are essential for mobility providers to compete today, we look at the foundational concepts that have shifted during the past decade and detail how Capital Solutions exists to help close the gaps created by these paralleling trends.

Capital Solutions


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Richard Sampson

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A Fond Farewell from Dale J. Marsico, CCTM

Dale J. Marsico

I've been driving the metaphorical bus operated by our Association for a long time. During our journey, many people have boarded and exited the bus, some of you are continuing passengers who travel for long distances past many stops. At the next transfer station, I'll be getting off the bus, and you'll be seeing a familiar face as your new driver. Scott Bogren's unique driving skills and abilities will be taking you and others to new and exciting destinations.

Learn More About CTAA's Capital Solutions

CTAA's Capital Solutions

CTAA's Capital Solutions resources present new ways of embracing and adapting to the shifting nature of transportation investment, vehicles and service demand models. While these options may not be the right fit for every system, we invite you to explore whether they might be part of a set of resources your agency uses to shape its future.

Understanding the DOL's Overtime Pay Changes

Understanding the DOL's Overtime Pay Changes

Recently, the Department of Labor announced forthcoming changes that govern when and how full-time employees can receive overtime pay. For community and public transportation agencies, these changes could immediately impact their budgets, as many employees at all levels administration and operations often work hours that would qualify for overtime pay.

TransLoc and Uber Partner to Pioneer a New Standard in Public Transit

transloc-uber infographic

In our DigitalCT edition last fall entitled Unlocking the Secrets of Sharing Mobility, we considered the impact of transportation network companies (TNCs) and microtransit concepts on the future of mobility. Here is one example of the practical application of these concepts, as technology helps connect conventional transit providers with TNCs like Uber.

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Charlevoix County Transit, located in Boyne City in Northern Michigan, first joined CTAA in 2001. Jill Drury serves as a member of CTAA's National Community Transportation Roadeo Committee.


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