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The intent of these resources is to support you as you engage in data collection. There are different reasons for launching a survey. Some are meant to capture information on transportation infrastructure, assets and operations, while others engage the public in measuring individual needs, demographics, transit patterns and so forth.

Some surveys endeavor to measure the resources and interests of prospective partners in supporting community transportation services.

The end result of a survey may be a Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis and determination of action, such as new routes, schedule changes or more coordinated transportation services.

Over time, this resource section will provide access to a diverse collection of sample surveys, briefs and presentations to help you in your survey process.

Gathering and Analysing Transportation Information

Important Note: The Community Transportation Association recommends that no survey be executed without consulting resources on the effective execution of a survey and the resulting data management. We plan to release a brief and other tools that will provide more comprehensive guidance to you from our internet site. Meanwhile, please reach our Association staff with your questions.

Remember: Always modify sample surveys or other documents after careful consideration of what your goals are and what data you need to gather in your own area.

Survey Tools:

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