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This collection of how-to articles launches a new regular department in DigitalCT, that regardless of the topic of a typical edition we will devote at least one article to the practical side of community and public transportation. From recruiting and retaining drivers to transforming your communications to using all of CTAA's many and varied membership benefits, services and products, this edition signals a new commitment from CTAA and its flagship publication.

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From the Editor

Rich Sampson

DigitalCT Editor Rich Sampson discusses the features in our "How To..."

Taking a Walk on the Practical Side

The commentary

There is so much innovation and fresh thinking in the community and public transportation field, emerging from systems of all sizes serving communities large and small. With this edition of DigitalCT, we're inaugurating a virtual networking section of every magazine we publish, a place where we capture this type of networking and bring it to all corners of the industry.

How to Create a Vanpool Program

CNNO Van Pool

This article spotlights vanpooling in three distinct communities, focusing on how each provider has adapted and administered its program to meet the specific commute needs of workers.

How to Regularly Win Roadeos

Roadeo Winners

In the spirit of this How To edition of DigitalCT Magazine, Editor and CTAA Roadeo Coordinator Rich Sampson asked award-winning drivers from our national Roadeo to share some of their perspectives on practicing, calming their nerves and interacting with their fellow competitors.

How to Create a Transit PAC

RVTD General Manager Julie Brown

In 2014 and 2015, the Rogue Valley Transit District (RVTD) faced ballot measures crucial to delivering increased investment for the system. RVTD General Manager Julie Brown describes the local, independent pro-transit PAC that was instrumental in the successful 2015 ballot measure.

How to Engage Your Employees

How to Engage Your Employees

Close observation of successful organizations during adversity found that those which believed in transformational leadership styles and a workforce with a transformative and evolved culture resulted in a boost in productivity, highly-motivated employees and stronger organizational outcomes.

How to Prepare for an FTA Review

Richard Doyle

The FTA Triennial Review process is often tense, time-consuming and challenging. We asked former FTA Region 1 Administrator Dick Doyle for some tips for a more productive and less strenuous experience.

How to Figure Out Technology

Camera lenses

Many of us feel overwhelmed and doomed to the paralysis of inaction on technology options. Our objective is to blunt those fears and establish a process that can at least move closer to making an informed technology decision.

How to Access CTAA's Partnership with Toyota

The Toyota Sienna

As part of CTAA's commitment to providing the highest level of benefit to our members, we have become a Fleet Dealer for Toyota vehicles. The CTAA Fleet pricing is among the lowest prices available from Toyota.

How to Transform Your Communications

Communication Critical

The idea is to tackle improved communications in manageable, bit-size portions, as well as to help reluctant and busy transit leaders to think more intentionally about communications as part of their leadership agenda.

How to Recruit Drivers & Member Profile

Attracting employees - from top executives to front-line staff such as drivers and dispatchers - first requires articulating specific goals for the organization, using a clear concise statement.

In our Member Profile series, we chat with Rose Joe-Stephens of the Jackson County Civic Action Committee in Moss Point, Miss.


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