Michigan Transit Tour

Michigan Transit Tour

As we traveled throughout Michigan last November for our annual state edition of DigitalCT, we witnessed – once again – the tremendous energy, innovation and commitment of our members in action. We saw firsthand the vital connections these providers offer to link people with employment, healthcare, community services, local businesses and an array of other destinations essential to daily life.


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From the Editor

Rich Sampson

DigitalCT Editor Rich Sampson discusses the Michigan Transit Tour.

The Commentary - Michigan - What A Great State for Transit!

Michigan in outline

Innovation in practice – in Michigan, and elsewhere – is about seizing opportunities as they materialize to better serve a community or region. This is why Michigan has always been – and continues to be – a great state for transit to flourish. CTAA is proud to count 53 members in the Great Lakes State.

Welcome from Michigan's Transit Associations

Welcome from Michigan's Transit Associations

Community and public transportation providers in Michigan have the advantage of two transit associations working statewide to represent their interests and provide networking opportunities. Both are CTAA members and represent CTAA members, so we offered both a platform here to share more about their organizations and their policy and legislative agendas.

Member Profiles (BWAT & Yates Dial-A-Ride)

BWAT & Yates Dial-A-Ride vehicle depot

Learn more about CTAA members Blue Water Area Transit (BWAT) in Port Huron and Yates Dial-A-Ride in Idlewild.

Transit in Detroit

Rosa Parks Transit Center

A resurgent economy in Detroit enhancing the role of the region's two fixed-route transit networks: DDOT and SMART. Learn more about the agencies, as well as Motown's unique rail options.

ALTRAN Lives On!

ALTRAN Lives On!

In 2015, ALTRAN experienced the total loss of its main administration and maintenance facility and many vehicles to a mid-winter fire while also encountering the greatest demand for its services with visitors pouring into Pictured Rocks National Park. How ALTRAN's employees, riders and partners transformed perhaps their most challenging moments into their finest hours is the sort of tale that rightfully earns its way into any collection of Great Lakes mythology.

Service & Solidarity in Clare & Roscommon Counties

Service & Solidarity in Clare & Roscommon Counties

When combined, CTAA members CCTC, and neighboring RCT provide general public transportation options to more than 270,000 riders each year, traversing dirt roads and navigating local politics to ensure mobility for those who need it most.

Charlevoix County Transit - Flexibility for the Future

Two vehicles of Charlevoix County Transit

Charlevoix County Transit is seeking to redefine the value and role of public transportation in a largely rural county. In addition to providing basic mobility for older adults and people with disabilities, the agency is providing traffic mitigation in congested areas like Boyne City and the town of Charlevoix.

MAXimum Transit in Holland, Mich.

MAXimum Transit in Holland, Mich.

What CTAA's Michigan Transit Tour found most unexpected, in its visit to CTAA member Macatawa Area Express (MAX) in Holland, was a transit operation that in its 42-year history has transformed from a small, rural dial-a-ride operation to an urban fixed-route bus operation.

Hope Network - A Grand & Rapid Embrace of Mobility's Future

Hope Network's vehicle depot

Hope Network’s signature vehicles are only the most outward symbol of a collection of transportation services that helps the agency achieve its mission of allowing people to live independently and with dignity.

Allegan County's Unusual Path to Rural Mobility

CTAA-member Allegan County Transportation

A relative newcomer to the Michigan transit network - first initiated with JARC funds in 2000 - CTAA-member Allegan County Transportation provides general public transportation service across the 925-square mile county. Moving beyond its initial focus on employment transportation, ACT now connects riders with healthcare, social services and regional destinations and other key locations.

Improving Transit in Midland County

Midland County Bus

While the Midland region is served by two transportation providers – Dial-A-Ride in the city of Midland and by CTAA member County Connection of Midland – unmet mobility needs remain.

How To Overcome Challenges in Rural Transit Scheduling Software

Working as a team and availing themselves of low-cost open source tools, smaller paratransit agencies can be freed up to raise the quality of life for their disability and aging populations.


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