The next generation of community and public transportation leaders will shape the future of our industry. CTAA is committed to supporting these leaders in creating the most promising future for their organization, employees, and customers through its Emerging Leaders Academy.


  • Gain understanding of their leadership skills
  • Learn industry history, current practices, funding & future trends
  • Become knowledgeable about what it takes to be a leader
  • Complete a project demonstrating leadership principles & application to a real-world situation

Academy Timeline

  • February 2017: Registration Opens
  • May 2017: Leadership Assessments Completed
  • June 2017: Two-Day Academy Kick-Off at EXPO 2017
  • July 2017: MAY 2018: Individual & Group Work
  • June 2018: Poster Session & Graduation at EXPO 2018
Emerging Leaders Academy

Assess the participant's current leadership style and potential.


Challenge the participants through a rigorous combination of workshops, seminars, independent study and projects.


Support the participants with mentors, peer groups, access to course consultants and CTAA staff.


The tuition for the ELA will be $3,500 per participant. This cost includes all the instruction, distance learning, and registration for EXPOs 2017 and 2018. All travel, meal, lodging, and incidental expenses will be the responsibility of the participant or the participants employer.


For questions on the Emerging Leaders Academy contact Charles Dickson at dickson@ctaa.org or (202) 247-8356.

NOTE: A minimum of 15 participants are required for the Academy to take place.