The next generation of community and public transportation leaders will shape the future of our industry. CTAA is committed to supporting these leaders in creating the most promising future for their organization, employees, and customers through its Emerging Leaders Academy.


During the 12-month Academy, CTAA will engage and guide transit professionals who have been identified as rising leaders in community and public transportation. Through the Academy's education and mentorship activities, participants will receive

  • training in skills and strategies they can immediately apply to their work
  • an understanding of current changes and projected trends that affect our industry
  • access to a cohort of experienced transit directors
  • one-on-one guidance and mentoring
  • practical application of what they've learned through a project to benefit their system

The 2017/2018 CTAA Emerging Leaders Academy will include the following activities:

  • An individualized assessment of each Academy participant's leadership style and strengths
  • A two-day kick-off seminar at the June 2017 Community Transportation EXPO that will lay the groundwork for the year
  • Teleconference and webinar-based trainings, peer group meetings, and professional coaching
  • Implementation of a project by each participant
  • A wrap-up seminar, presentation, and graduation at EXPO 2018


Charles Dickson
Deputy Director
800.891.0590 x708