The next generation of community and public transportation leaders will shape the future of our industry. CTAA is committed to supporting these leaders in creating the most promising future for their organization, employees, and customers through its Emerging Leaders Academy.


The curriculum for the 2017/2018 CTAA Emerging Leaders Academy will consist of in-person training, webinars, leadership study groups, and a participant-selected project. Participants will be also be paired with mentors to allow for on-going discussion and dialog during the process. Participants will be expected to complete all assignments and participate in discussion groups with fellow participants and mentors.

Personal Assessment
Each participant will receive an assessment before the first session of the Academy. This assessment will measure the participant's leadership style and strengths. Results from the assessment will allow the ELA instructors to tailor course content to meet the needs of the participants.

At the Community Transportation EXPO 2017:

  • An Introduction to Community Transportation
  • Exploration of the concept of leadership and different leadership styles
  • Lessons from leadership experts
  • Overview of the ELA process

Through distance learning events, participants will learn about the following:

  • Creating and imparting a vision
  • Engaging in strategic thinking
  • Building strong, cohesive teams
  • Understanding values and ethics
  • Communicating effectively and with purpose
  • Building accountability into the agency's work
  • Leadership philosophies
  • Understanding the current state of community transportation
  • Identifying and preparing for trends in mobility

Leadership Project

Each participant in the ELA will complete a leadership project, which will allow the participant to demonstrate leadership skills, assess and address issues in the field, and contribute to their system. The project process will consist of these phases:

  • Identifying the issue and garnering agency acceptance of the project
  • Developing a plan to define and study the issue
  • Engaging agency staff and people outside the organization to develop possible approaches or solutions
  • Selecting a course of action and presenting the project to the governing body of the organization.
  • Developing a presentation for the 2018 Community Transportation EXPO