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Summary: Rural & Tribal Passenger Transportation Technical Assistance Through CTAA

Providing community-responsive, cost-effective public transportation in rural America has never been easy. Distances are greater in rural areas, and without access to reliable automobiles, rural residents are unable to fully participate in the economic and social activities of their communities. Rural residents are often aging in place, and emerging regional economies mean that the services and programs they need are further away. Today, more than ever, public transportation can play a fundamental role in providing essential access to economic empowerment opportunities for rural residents.

Rural Passenger Transportation Technical Assistance Program

In 1988, USDA created the Rural Passenger Transportation Technical Assistance Program (RPTTAP). Administered by CTAA, the RPTTAP provides technical assistance for small communities of less than 50,000 people. The focus of the program is economic development: helping small and emerging businesses and stimulating economic development through new and improved public transportation.

Tribal Passenger Transportation Technical Assistance Program

The program is designed to help Native American tribes enhance economic growth and development by improving transportation services. Technical assistance is limited to planning and may support transit service improvements and expansion, system start-up, facility development, development of marketing plans and materials, transportation coordination, training and other public transit problem solving activities.


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