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The Small Urban Network (SUN) Conference in Asheville, NC, August 9-11

Despite only entering its third year, our Small Urban Network (SUN) Conference has already developed a reputation as a place for small urban transit executives to gather face-to-face to share successes, challenges and ideas to sustain and grow their systems. Our theme Smart Leaders, Smart Solutions underscores the importance of connecting these professionals with the concepts and innovations that allow mobility to thrive in our nation's fastest-growing urban communities.

This year's SUN Conference - Aug. 9-11 - transitioned from a large metropolitan region (Denver) to a small urban community reflective of those our attendees serve: Asheville, N.C. In addition to tours of local transit properties, we offered low-key social events showcasing Asheville's renowned brewery scene and the historic Biltmore Estate. These and other networking opportunities are offer SUN Conference attendees the time to learn from and share with each other.

The conference also highlighted the success CTAA's SUN members have had in shaping federal legislation and policy, including restored investment for bus capital and increasing the set-aside for the Small Transit Intensive Cities (STIC) program, while also advancing additional priorities such as reducing regulatory burdens and encouraging new investment in technology, infrastructure and facilities.

Conference Presentations


The SUN conference is sponsored by RouteMatch. A long term member of CTAA, RouteMatch is a leading provider of ITS technologies for more than 600 transit systems across North America. We help small urban transit systems build greater rider engagement and loyalty, manage on time performance and operational efficiencies, and connect communities.