Building Transit's Next Generation of Leaders

Building Transit's Next Generation of Leaders

This edition of DigitalCT Magazine is intended to augment resources available to the Emerging Leaders Academy's (ELA) first group of participants, as well as new leaders throughout the industry. The objective of the ELA is two-fold: training the next generation of leaders in the community and public transportation industry, and capturing the accumulating experience and insights of those that first paved the way for mobility for all people.


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From the Editor

DigitalCT Editor Rich Sampson

DigitalCT Editor Rich Sampson shares his reflections on this edition, focused on leadership.

Updates on Federal Legislation & Policy

US Capitol Dome

This update provides valuable news and analysis on the House of Representatives' House Transportation/HUD Appropriations subcommittee Fiscal Year 2018 spending bill, the Senate’s recent activity on health care legislation and the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) 2017 Bus and Bus Facilities Discretionary Grant program, as well as comments CTAA submitted US DOT in response to its call for regulatory reform concepts.

Recapping Mobility Rising: EXPO 2017 in Detroit

EXPO 2017 Recap

In June, CTAA's annual EXPO brought nearly 1,200 community and public transportation professionals together in Detroit, Mich., for a weeks' worth of training, networking and idea-sharing. Highlights included our two-day Mobility Rising Symposium, the launch of CTAA's Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA), more than 20 workshop sessions, local neighborhood and transit tours and much more.

The Commentary: Supporting Emerging Leaders Through Collected Wisdom


Many of the leaders that founded our industry are reaching the age where they're approaching or settling into a well-earned retirement. As new executives and administrators take their place, our goal is to ensure the values, experiences and legacy of those who made their mark - both locally and nationally - are passed on to the next generation.

The ELA Philosophy

Noel and Gannon

The ELA program will challenge emerging leaders to be the best version of themselves and to hone their skills as managers and leaders at their systems and in their communities.

Ann August, CCTM - From the Army to Administrator

Ann August

At stops in Philadelphia, Pa., Sumter, S.C., Birmingham, Ala. and now Columbia, S.C., Ann August, CCTM, continually broadened her portfolio from a diligent manager of internal departments to navigating local politics and assembling diverse sources of funding. She has a management philosophy that accompanies her along the way that is both elegant and simple: I CARE.

Mentor Profile: Connie Garber, CCTM - The Long View from a CTAA Founder

Connie Garber

Garber is well-known to many CTAA members and transit professionals for her long-time leadership of the York County Community Action Corp., (YCCAC) in Maine, and as a founder of NASTA, the predecessor to today's CTAA. But the many awards and accolades she received in her distinguished career only tell part of the story. That in her retirement she'd volunteer to help the next generation of transit leaders is something those who know Garber would fully expect.

Mentor Profile: Lenna Kottke - Maintaining the Mission

Lenna Kottke

Lenna Kottke retired in 2016 as Executive Director of Via Mobility Services, a full-spectrum mobility agency offering paratransit, travel training and transportation options information and referral services in 19 communities in five Colorado counties. She was recognized as CTAA's Manager of the Year in 2016. Along the way, she translated the business practices and skills she learned in private industry into leadership where the output to be valued wasn’t profit but a mission: providing independence and self-sufficiency through mobility.

Mentor Profile: Rick Krochalis - Perfecting the Process by Trusting the Players

Rick Krochalis

Rick Krochalis is a man of policies and procedures, work that he believes returns the greatest benefits to communities. His expertise in project management, team building and opportunities for dialogue among colleagues led him from the civil engineer corps to the city of Seattle and finally the FTA. As a mentor in CTAA's Emerging Leaders Academy, Krochalis understands why achieving compliance with requirements is less a task of box checking and more an exercise in bi-directional listening.

How To: Transition Your Fleet to Propane Autogas in Three Easy Steps

How To: Transition Your Fleet to Propane Autogas in Three Easy Steps

This article by ROUSH CleanTech's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Todd Mouw, continues our How To series of practical knowledge for transit managers to use in decision-making.

Member Profile: Bis-Man Transit

Bis-Man Transit

Bis-Man Transit – including its fixed-route bus service, Capital Area Transit (CAT) - is a nonprofit organization that provides general public transportation service in the communities of Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln, North Dakota. The Bis-Man Transit Board was first created in 1987 to provide paratransit service for seniors and people with disabilities. CAT fixed-route service began in 2004. The agency first became a CTAA member in 1993.


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